LG Washing Machine Price List India

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    LG Electronics is the brand name of electrical appliances and other electronic items that need no introduction to consumers. LG is often termed as the most energy efficient and most high performing electronic appliance company. And washing machines from this company too are no exception. They are known for their brand quality, reliability and durability. The present day washing machines from LG are known for their high performance, energy efficiency and performance in the market. Each direct drive, steam, top loader, front-loading model would have innovative features for advanced cleaning performance!

    Almost all the LG washing machines come loaded with features that are meant for prewash, heavy wash, normal wash, delicate wash, quick wash, drainage and auto restart and similar features that make using use of washing machines hassle free. Some machines are equipped with sensors to tell you the wash load limit and wash cloths intelligently. The wash load sensor, normal wash, delicate wash, hot water wash and similar features with intelligent washing.

    The LG Washing Machine Price List in India is as follows:
    LG Semi Automatic Washing Machine
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-1022M (7kg) – Rs 9,000/-
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-1262 S (7.2kg) – Rs 9,200/-
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-1021S (7kg) – Rs 8,500/-
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-9852 (6.8kg) – Rs 8,500/-
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-1020 (7kg) – Rs 8,300/-
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-9526 S (6.5kg) – Rs 7,800/-
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-9521 (6.5kg) – Rs 7,400/-
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-9224 (6.2kg) – Rs 7,000/-
    * LG Semi Automatic WP-9220 (6.2kg) – Rs 6,700/-

    LG Top loading fully Automatic Washing Machine Price
    * LG Fully Automatic T1103TEE3 (11kg) – Rs 31,900/-
    * LG Fully Automatic WF-T8519PV (7.5kg) – Rs 21,900/-
    * LG Fully Automatic WF-T8519PB (7.5kg) – Rs 20,900/-
    * LG Fully Automatic WF-T8019QV (7kg) – Rs 18,800/-
    * LG Fully Automatic T8019QB (7kg) – Rs 17,900/-
    * LG Fully Automatic WF-T8019QS (7kg) – Rs 17,300/-
    * LG Fully Automatic WF-T7519RS (6.5kg) – Rs 16,100/-
    * LG Fully Automatic WF-T7519RW (6.5kg) – Rs 15,900/-
    * LG Fully Automatic WF-T7516HN (6.5kg) – Rs 14,700/-
    * LG Fully Automatic WF-T7066MN (6kg) – Rs 12,900/-

    LG Front Loading fully Automatic Washing Machine Price
    * LG WD-12485TP (7.5kg) – Rs 33,000/-
    * LG WD-12480TP (7.5kg) – Rs 32,000/-
    * LG WD-15265TP (6.5kg) – Rs 30,000/-
    * LG WD-10485TP (6.5kg) – Rs 30,000/-
    * LG WD-10490TP (6.5kg) – Rs 28,900/-
    * LG WD-80485NP (5.5kg) – Rs 26,000/-
    * LG WD-80495NP (5.5kg) – Rs 25,500/-
    * LG WD-80490NP (5.5kg) – Rs 24,500/-
    * LG WD-85260NP (5.5kg) – Rs 23,500/-

    LG Washing Machine with Dryer Price
    * LG WD-14338ADK (8kg) – Rs 45,900/-
    * LG WD-12330 CDP (5.5kg) – Rs 36,900/-

    LG Steam Washer Dryer Price
    * LG WD-1457ERD (9kg) – Rs 72,900/-
    * LG WD-14576RD (9kg) – Rs 70,900/-

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