Lenovo G570 laptop from flipkart

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    Lenovo Essential G Series G570 (59-306782) Laptop With Accessories: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review Lenovo Notebook

    Ordered this laptop last week from Flipkart (was Rs 100 cheaper)and it promptly arrived on the 7th day. ( under 6 month EMI scheme using Citi credit card. )
    if 3 instalments no interest.Due to 6 equal instalments rs 500 interest.around rs 3800/ month.
    This Intel 2.1 Ghz B950 chip is sandy bridge & shade below second gen CoreI3.
    lenovo driver CD was there.Installation of Win 7 ultimate went with out any problems.office 2010 too.
    It needs another 4 Gb ram ddr3 stick.Then it will be ok.

    Installed long list of neccessary applications

    Using huawei E175o data card in 3G connects at decent speed.
    Battery should be atleast 3.5 hours I hope.




  2. Raman009

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    Wow..Your internet speed is awesome. How much you pay for it ?
  3. tolkapiam

    tolkapiam New Member

    Lenovo 570 laptop with Intel B950 (2.1 Ghz sandybridge)- I paid Rs 22600 ten days ago (with out OS) and that too in 6 EMI using citi credit card .
    Now the price in Flipkart is 23600!! If you try your luck in Letsbuy , with coupon you can get may be rs 500 cheaper.
    Even B800 with Win 7 Home basic is around rs 25k now.

    For Internet Iam using Huawei 175o data card@ rs 1500(7.2 mbps Aircel brand/un locked by me) with Airtel 3G sim.
    Sometimes can get over 5 mbps. If You use UMG 1831 or any 21 mbps card ,you can get full 7.2 mbps.

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