Laptops and Tablets free for students in Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Punjab

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    Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Punjab elections are over now and the parties that promised Tablets to every student who passes in class 10th exams and a laptop for every one who passes the class 12th exam have won the elections with complete majority in their respective states.

    I believe if done honestly it would be a welcome move to provide a tablet and laptop to students and that too with an internet connection as this is a major barrier for a majority of people going online. The tariff is not a lot these days because if you cannot afford a faster 3g connection you can always get a 2g gprs edge connection for something like Rs100 per month which is unlimited and this connection is not bad if all you want to do is browse websites and send e-mails or even upload a few pictures on facebook.

    The percentage of people who have internet access at their homes is still too low in India and once this trent of students coming online using these free laptops and tablets starts there is no looking back for this country. I dont know how many of you realize that once some one starts using internet regularly there is no way you can live without it after that and these kids who are going to get these free goodies will grow up get married and have kids and have a family.. Its a good chain reaction waiting to happen :)

    Any idea when would this start? What about the students who will appear in exams this year or have appeared already and will get results in two to three months?

    Does any one have the manifestos these parties had before elections?
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    Who knows whether they wil even keep their promise....:p:confused:
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    Now that "Chote Netaji" is set to become the youngest UP CM ever, you make expect some gimmicks.
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    I am really hoping that the new governments keep their promises and start distributing laptops from this year itself. It would be a big leap in connecting the masses to the net and will result in better growth of GDP for our country.

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    thats good if they will do this. and yes 2g is enough for browsing websites and checking mails etc..its better than nothing..

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