Landlines are they still useful?

Discussion in 'Home Appliances and Gadgets' started by zoooni, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. zoooni

    zoooni New Member

    In this age where everything we do is getting wireless do people still use landlines is my questions.

    Landlines are an expensive deal. Mobile phones are portable, and come with a whole lot of features which landlines don’t offer and all that at a cheaper cost. Mobiles are popular they have replaced landlines long time back. But lndlines haven’t completely been replaced yet.

    Landlines are still very useful in places where network coverage is bad. But today landlines are mostly used to get internet connections and not make calls. Almost Every member of house today has a cell phone of his own then why need a landline? Corporates really need one , but then I guess they are the only majority section which has still kept landlines alive.
    Do you have a landline ?

    what do you use landlines primarily for ?
  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    I still have a land line. I use it both for calls and internet. Land line to land line is cheaper than mobile to mobile. My usage is limited to free calls. Land lines won't vanish soon. At least not in next 5 years. Mobile tower and reception are still a mirage in rural areas. There are many village where you do not get mobile coverage.
  3. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Yes, Landline is a boon to people even now.

    In my province thats Uttarakhand, landlines plan are as follows:

    1. 2 month rent :- 180/- (100 free calls) no installation charges for former connection.
    2. incoming only telephone at a small cost/rent of Rs. 250/- per year.
    3. internet access at cheaper rates through landline, and which is safer and speedier than Edge internet access in hills.
    4. cheaper plans and quick activation and quick hearing on issues subjected to mechanical problems,
    5. free installation and subsidization of rental for people who come from families of
    martyrs, educational institutions, self-employed people(which form a large number here)
  4. zoooni

    zoooni New Member

    wow so landlines still very useful and btw whats with the tag under ur name banned se mod intresting !
  5. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i also wrote President some times back, and then Popper
  6. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Landlines are not expensive - in fact they are cheap.

    And for calling those toll free support numbers, there is no alternative.

    Landlines also support many features of the mobile phone such CLIP, SMS, etc. but does require the right instrument.
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    I dont really know how many people really use sms as a medium of communication (except ISD SMSes cause voice would be too costly for CIS :p)

    but sms is a thumbs down to me,.. whenever i replied to my brother with sms, it reached at no proper times and so he scolded me,.. network in India is really badly needed to improve.

    for calling i have always found out a landline better than a mobile.

    i dont know why, but i feel, that Indians usually follow a trend after watching someone. like if someone stopped using LL others did that too, but at the ground level its also specified on mobile phone usage journals to "trust your wired communication at times of emergency"..

    i dont like landline personally cause i cannot carry it with myself, but then i think that how much useful became landline at certain times when it really snowed like hell..
  8. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Landline "POTS", use the cables already laid
    across the country.
    works even if Power fails.

    No need for battery replacement ( as for cellphones/cordless etc ).
    Cannot be jammed.
    Cannot intercept .

    Cellphone/MW towers can be blasted.
    Even Defence have laid their own cables.

    In course of time when you take. a Cellphone connection, you will get a landline connection free!!

    The cost of retrieving the copper cables, outweigh the labour cost now. ( as in KGF gold mines )
    Laying new cables for new locations : same as above.
    Alternate now WLL etc.
  9. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    remember the North-East power failure in the US in 2003?

    well, only the landlines worked.
  10. zoooni

    zoooni New Member

    landlines are pretty useful
    I have this landline at home wfrom relaince which runs on battery supports sms too!
    and sms reaches instantly here in my city
  11. beverlybohns

    beverlybohns New Member

    Still useful

    Land line will still be utilized for at least more and more years until the VoIP technology has been perfected.
  12. mickey

    mickey New Member

    it is only the landline which can still be used after so many decades of communication advancements..
    you can use your old/ antique phones even now...

    you can use your telephone when you dont have a broadband or its not working, and the dialup is not too slow....
    in extreme places if a landline's wires have reached it really helps in communications...
  13. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member

    During 26th July floods in mumbai
    Only landlines were working and Mobiles had failed
    SO due to their reliability landlines will stay
  14. Raccoon

    Raccoon New Member

    ^^^ Not all mobiles had failed. I can't recall if all wired landlines were working in all areas... so are you sure??
  15. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member


    Yeah All mobile networks were offline and Jammed
    Landlines worked excellently in the suburbs

    I remember making calls by landline
  16. iorhld

    iorhld Member

    mobile phones are like junk snack food,quick and easy,but they don't deliver at critical times like power outage,or congestion not to mention they can be easily cloned and tapped.on the other hand,landlines are better in terms of reliability but they still suffer a few inheritant problems.
    even for military use,fibre optic landlines are layed because they are the best option and to add to that,it's virtually impossible to tap or listen to illegally.

    if i had it my way,i would propose a multi year plan for laying fibre optic cable for our whole country,it will take time but the advantages are limitless.
  17. tech426

    tech426 New Member

    Landlines are mostly used in homes in villages. In Cities they are mostly used for getting Broadband only.

    Previously i have been using BB 600 combo plan. But nowadays the call facility is not at all being used. So changed the plan to 750 UL.
  18. rsk11584

    rsk11584 New Member

    I use landline for internet connection and to keep in touch with family members who dont go out daily, not necessary that all people have mobiles, still there might be old people or people who dont go for jobs, housewife, etc who will remain at home whole day so for them landline is their lifeline. So just by taking example of some nuclear family living in some metro city where all members go to work and carry cellphone, it is not right to term landlines as expensive and useless, landlines arestill most cheap than cellphones and as mentioned by other members they are maintenance free, no need for charging , battery prob etc. etc. etc work in power failures etc.etc. etc.
  19. inquisitive

    inquisitive New Member

    we just dont discard wall clock just because wrist watches are there.
    similarly apart from individual mobile phones there should be 1land line in home.

    mobile technology is a bane in disguise. mobile radiations are harmful for body.

    ask the people who live in a building with mobile tower on it's roof.
    apart from physical,psycological problems sour mood is the biggest problem.

    Every person is going for mobile, but how many of people have handsets where SAR(specific absorption ratio) is less tham 1.6watts/kg.

    mobile has also been accused of causing impotency in males apart from tumor risks.

    how many people know that when battery is low or one is in the area where signals are weak,one should avoid attending or making calls, as this is the time where radiations are fatal.

    Even if a high voltage cable passes over a building,residents living there are more prone to cancer due EM radiations.

    mobile technology is a big threat to human being.
  20. mihir94

    mihir94 New Member

    But Mobiles are used for 30 years now

    There are rarely any reports of such problems

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