Is Upload speed restricted to just 786 Kbps on all BSNL BroanBand plans?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by Brian, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. Brian

    Brian New Member

    Hi all,

    I am new to this forum.

    I am planning to take a new BSNL Broadband connection but i am very much disappointed to see that BSNL offers a max of 786 Kbps Upload speed on any plan above 1 mbps. So even if i take a limited 4 mbps plan or 8 mbps plan, still the maximum upload speed that i can get is just 786 kbps ???

    I am using Airtel 3G at the moment and looking for faster upload speeds.

    Right now with Airtel i am getting
    Ping : 176 ms
    Up : 3.38 mbps
    Down : 1.49 mbps

    But Airtel is quite expensive. My usage is 25 GB/Month and the only broadband option available at my area is BSNL.

    13SUHASRAO New Member

    where r u from?
  3. Brian

    Brian New Member


    I am from Darbhanga, Bihar
  4. maxsteel

    maxsteel New Member

    yes in all plans having speed of above 1mbps, upload speed is restricted to 786kbps
  5. Brian

    Brian New Member

    Well, this is quite sad though. My work mainly involves uploading (sending e-mails with large attachments).
    And i always find myself stuck with lower upload speeds.
    BTW, what about the 16mbps plan?
    It makes no sense to have 16mbps down and 786 kbps up.
    I hope BSNL increases UP speed soon.

    With government institutions, you have only 1 option. Hope !
  6. maxsteel

    maxsteel New Member

    BSNL uses ADSL technology. In it max download speed can be 24mbps and upload speed can be 1.5mbps and bsnl caps it on 786 kbps.

    You can try BSNL FTTH if it is available in your area, people have reported upload speeds of upto 3mbps
  7. Brian

    Brian New Member

    What about the VSDL one (16mbps plan). The exchange must be less than 1 KM from my place and i think i can get it. Does it has higher Upload speed?
    BTW, Thanks a lot to you guys for the valuable information.
    I had almost planned to apply for the 4 mbps plan tomorrow.
  8. maxsteel

    maxsteel New Member

  9. pkkumarcool

    pkkumarcool New Member

    Hey but why connection speed shows 100 mbps connected when we connect................
  10. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    It's not internet speed....100 Mbps in the LAN speed....
  11. pkkumarcool

    pkkumarcool New Member

    But doesnt it mean it can provide 100mbps speed
  12. samit

    samit New Member

    ya its speed of your LAN card attached to your motherboard in new boards it's 100Mbps and in older ones it is just 10Mbps.......and BSNL also provide internet with 100mbps but not with phone line ...they provide you a coxaible cable....for higher speed above than 24Mbps..
  13. pkkumarcool

    pkkumarcool New Member

    thats out of my reach i am a poor indian guy..and dont have black money....
  14. samit

    samit New Member

    no need to woory....more than 80% people use DSL modem instead of direct connection through coaxible is used only in government institutes where money comes from government treasurers

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