Is it possible to change the Tata Photon Plus USB device to that of another provider?

Discussion in 'Computer Accessories' started by gspal, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. gspal

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    Is there a way to change the Tata Indicom supplied Photon Plus USB device of Huawei to that of another provider? I think this device has a SIM card. Inserting a SIM card of another wireless broadband service provider, can that be done? I am from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I also have the signal booster antenna and other peripherals provided by Tata Indicom. Would they too require readjustment?

    I have landline BSNL broadband combo that I find the best. However, as backup I had purchased Tata Indicom's Photon Plus which has frequent connectivity interruptions and/or low speeds despite the signal booster showing 95%-100% signal strength. I do online work from home.
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    I have used Photon plus CDMA usb broadband for quite some time. with out any "signal booster antennae" and "other peropherals" ,it should give 0.5 to 1.2 mbps average in the metro area.
    Just curious- can you take a photo of the antennae supplied by tata indicom amd post here via image shack?
    Photon plus,Reliance Netconnect and MTS all use the same CDMA technology. Go to MTS or Reliance (all equally worse) and ask them whether they can put their RUIM sim and activate pre paid a/c?

    Any Post paid USB BB with CDMA operators -(all slow- reliance best among the worst.MTS Ok in some areas) you are asking for trouble!

    Best solution- throw it away!( keep it in storage):D

    GSM 3.6 mbps data cards are as cheap as Rs 1200-1500. 7.2 mbps around rs 1500-1700.You can buy any pre paid 3G sim and keep a 3G data pack to back you up when your land line broad band takes a break.

  3. Shilpashree

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    Why is there a sim slot in Tata photon device? Is it not usable?

    Which service provider provides the best service in wireless broadband currently?
  4. dhirajpatel

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    No there is no way in which you can convert it into some other provider
  5. andrewmicky

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    yes, you can change tata photon plus usb device another
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    Dear All
    In case of TATA photon plus, we need to understand that this is based on CDMA technology. I suppose on Dongle based on 3g where we can change service provider. So we have to rule out the possibility that we can change it to other service provider. Moreover SIm card slot is blocked in these TATA photo devices. Now only option is to activate the same. if you will ask TATA customer care about the re-activation of same. Then they will simply deny and force you to purchase New device. If connection is totally stopped since last 2-3 months then TATA photo allot this number to other consumer. So this is also sure that on previous number you can not activate your TATA photon device. Best this is Go to TATA Docomo communication center. Give them your IMED no which is on your tata photon device. They will check in their system and if slot is open, 99% they will re-activate you photon device by allotting a new number. Even you can find some agent who took this device as ex-change and give you New device of other service provider by reducing small amount of money. This is not beneficial. Preferable is TATA photo to re-activate by directly visiting TATA photo center.
    Ajay Kumar

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