iPod vs Sony Walkman

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  1. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    iPod vs Sony Walkman

    What do you think which one is the best !!

    Well i will go for SONY Walkman with Superb Sound Quality

    I dont think ipod got it:p ?


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  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    MP3/M4A/AAC Sound quality depends upon three things:

    a) The source quality (crap in = crap out)
    b) Encoding bit rate - the higher the better but that increases file size. Good music will come at 192 kbps or higher.
    c) The quality of headphones or sound system.

    It is only on the final point that iPOD or Sony Walkman can be compared when it comes to music quality. And I do not think Sony is any better. iPOD scores much better in terms of other features.
  3. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    Well i will go for SONY coz SONY Walkman got Superb Sound Quality
    then the ipod

    well i got SONY Walkman which Sound Quality is really good then ipod i have ask many PPl about this in every 10 ppl 7 ppl will go for SONY :D

    which i really Kool go have SONY Walkman
    then ipod

  4. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Choice is entirely up to an individual. But what you should do is as follows:

    a) Upload the same song, same file on iPOD and Sony
    b) List to them with the original headphones.
    c) Interchange headphones and listen again
    d) Compare results.

    This will be the true test result. I am not disputing Sony's quality. All I am saying that make qualified statements after an apples to apples comparison. Who knows, you may be right and Sony may be better.

    I am also contesting your statement that 7 people out of 10 will go for Sony rather than iPOD.

    - My office is full of young people like you.
    - We have 55K employees and 6300 alone in Pune.
    - Average employee age is 26
    - Amongst all the people who own music players, 90% are iPODs (I see that in the bus)
  5. aherowillrise

    aherowillrise New Member

    Sony still the best

    Sony's sound quality is unmatched, people go for style and buy IPODs (half of the people buy Ipods just for the sake of it). You can't compare Sony's audio quality with Apple's (for how long Apple has been making portable audio devices???, Sony is the creator of em). Buying Apple's Ipod in India is same as people visiting McDonalds (lifestyle).

    Just plug in to Sony's NWZ 818 with the factory supplied headphone (Ex, balance highs and lows) and find out the difference by yourself. Also, if you listen to the older version walkman and the Apple nano, there is a big difference in sound.
  6. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    well i will got for beSt Sound Quality not for style

    SO which one is the BEST ?

    sony OR Apple ?
  7. aherowillrise

    aherowillrise New Member

    Reply to Spark

    If you really know about music and want the best sound quality, go for Sony. If you want style and show-off (defeats the purpose) go with Apple Ipod.
  8. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    I too would go for sony walkman when it comes to sound quality but would not recommend it for poor battery life. By the way how can you compare a mobile phone and an mp3 player. each are good on their own ways but when it comes to sound quality, my preference is sony walkman.
  9. aherowillrise

    aherowillrise New Member

    Poor battery life?? You must be joking!!

    Sony's latest walkmans have steller battery life with up to 36 hours of continous playback of audio?? What else you expect?

    And about the sound quality, Apple sucks with its suppied white tiny tot headphones compared to EX series Sony ear buds. Sony's latest players have DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) that enhances the sound quality for even low bit rate songs (you can easily hear the difference), 5 band equilizers, 2 custom, clear stereo and clear bass technology are working behind the screen of Sony's latest 810 and 820 series!!

  10. BradEuk

    BradEuk New Member

    HEy Ipod Rocks for sure
  11. Mr.Tooth Fairy

    Mr.Tooth Fairy New Member

    I think i will go with ipod,,, i believe if nice encoded sond.. Nice output.. In sony i think u can hear such quality is bcoz of the difference in ear fones.. Thos in sony is bud type.. Completely goes inside.. So more clearly u can hear.. As compared to normal with ipod.. Wat u guys tell...
  12. make.believe

    I tried listening to them with the same song and bit rate, same headphones.

    Sony beats Ipod when it comes to audio quality.
    Ipod got better controls and interface than walkman

    but when the main purpose of an mp3 player is to listen
    to music and not to control the device...
    i'll have to say...everyone, stay away from ipod and
    grab a walkman...
  13. vaishaliv

    vaishaliv New Member

    Apple ipod and sonywalkman both have good brand image and also good quality tough one to make a decision:confused:
  14. rahul941400

    rahul941400 New Member

    Actually its just a matter of perception, both sony and apple are brand companies, and would make sure that their products are quality products...! but sometimes its not just about the quality factor... the price factor also strikes in.

    Quality: High
    Price: Average ( a bit more then average)

    Quality: High
    Price: High

    so decide for yourself, and one more thing, the sound quality of sony is surely astonishing, even in sony laptops but when you start comparing sony sound systems to Altec Lansing sound systems... sony gets subdued...

  15. elerocean

    elerocean Guest

    For Sony Walkman series..FAR better than IPOD

    I tried both Ipod & music player in Sony Ericsson Walkman phone and Sony Walkman series music player.

    I felt like

    Ipod delivers a flat sound..

    Sony gives as crispy , clear , sharp, balanced bass and treble sound..

    Try same song with both Ipod & Sony Walkman series.

    I bet..U ll feel the sound quality with sony W series.

    And people s going behind ipod as a style n status symbol..
  16. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    The iPOD has more connectivity options, e.g., docking stations, interfaces to cars, etc.

    Personally I do not like that iPod does not allow to backup songs - it is a one way street - you can only load the songs from iTunes. Also connecting to a new computer, the previous library is wiped out.

    As regards to sound quality, it does not depend upon the device; rather it depends upon the headphones. I have Creative plug in headphones and the sound is much better. With Seinheiser headsets, the sound is even better. iPod headphones are very basic and listless.
  17. Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker Jedi knight

    IPOD. No reason there.

    PS: Remember I am sony hater?
  18. imrock

    imrock The Master

    ipod in these two opitions.

    why don't u like sony???
  19. vaishaliv

    vaishaliv New Member

    Connecting bose headset with ipod would that help in improving the sound clarity?
  20. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Yes. But do not go on name alone. Bose indeed makes good head phones but they are not the best.

    Also, the quality of the song played back must be good also. For example, an mp3 can be created using a bit rate from as low as 32 Kbps to a rich 320 Kbps. The higher the bit rate and better the quality of the source, the better will be the mp3. The size will be much larger too. Same holds true for other music formats such as asf, wma, aac, rm, etc. Basically "crap in = crap out".

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