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  1. first

    first New Member

    Dear all,

    I have a Nokia Siemens 1600 Router from BSNL.

    The router has an IP address as (INTERNAL)

    BSNL will provide an IP which goes as 117.193....( External) ....Dynamically.

    I would like to connect a device ( No a PC) which has an Ethernet port and has the facility to accept IP from DHCP, to one of the ETHERNET ports of the Router.

    From the another port of the router i will connect a PC and find out the IP allocated by BSNL (Via web --> What is my IP site) .

    I have heard of Port forwarding in Routers but want to understand it better.

    Now the question is , by knowing this IP from MY pc can i use this IP from any where and get access to the Device i have connected on the PORT by simply typing the IP address i have found out and by making Port forwarding in ADSL modem Nokia Siemens 1600.

    If this is possible please help me with the setting i have to do to accomplish this.

  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    I think you can do it. By knowing the IP address, you can connect to the system and then to the device connected if you are accessing a particular port forwarded to the device.
  3. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    When you are online check your Dynamic.IP.
    Current IP Check
    type it in address bar.
    your router access page will open.
    access the modem and make changes.
    The computer (modem) to be accessed,should be connected to Internet., and Ip informed to you, if you want to access from remote location./computer
    For full access of folders/files of remote computer
    LogMein/Team Viewer etc.
    3. Your query:
    Not possible.
    Specify the system you want to access: webcam /vonage VOIP or anything else ?.
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  4. first

    first New Member

    Industrial microprocessor based system

    thanks for the answer , however the system is an Industrial Microprocessor based system which has inbuilt web pages, same as any router has. It also has the ether net port supporting DHCP connection.

    This is the system i would like to access from remote location. I am trying to connect this Microprocessor based system on Dynamic IP based ISP connection.

    Please help me , it makes me sad to hear no as an answer :(

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  5. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    I remember @meetdilip suggesting solution for a similar problem for data recording ( dial up connection was used ? )
    I will check up P.M in another forum whether the posts/links still available.
    Hope @meetdilip will reply here.

    Give the details of the unit for getting more details in Google search. Does it connect to say recorder /printer/ base computer ?
    See this example:
    You use a Mobile Phone with a Dongle. at base.
    for internet access.
    Can you access it from Remote with the IP address of Bsnl ?

    This has to be some sort of VPN set up.
  6. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Try team viewer in your case. Just allow the computer remotely connected through team viewer and you can easily access the connected device.
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  7. first

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    VPN issue & TEAM viewer

    thanks essbebe--> VPN is a way out, however i wanted to know why i cant do the way i have asked. Can some one help me here if i need to have a VPN set up made again having a dynamic IP kind of setup from MY ISP , at my place and then go about exploring this way:rolleyes:. (May be this can be another post).

    Team Viewer will require another PC to be connected to the "MP Based" system and via that access this... round about way ...one extra PC needs to be online always near the Device and then via that access it.

    if some one can explain technically why i cant have direct access to a device via the dynamic IP address allocated by BSNL to the router to eventually access the device connected to that same router..., what is the real function of port forwarding .. i thought that port forwarding will forward the traffic directly to the device if configured properly:p
  8. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    You seem to avoid, giving details of the Device you intend to access,
    No point in wasting time in this thread.

    2.Type key words for old threads
    for VPN in Search box above
  9. shirish_kal

    shirish_kal New Member

    Ok now reading this I am getting a query myself .. sorry if its irrelevant or an out of context question....how do you get the dynamic IP allocated by BSNL to your device wouldn't it be different for both your PC(in which u will check via whats my ip) and your device ) or is it same for all the devices(or PC's) behind a single modem(router) thats one question.
    Second if I can access using that dynamic IP the device connected doesn't it mean I can connect to PC's whose IP's are shown in the peer list of utorrent(obviously I am talking data apart from what is being seeded)
  10. first

    first New Member


    Dear essbebe,

    I do not understand why you need to be upset?
    I have clearly mentioned that it is an Industrial Microprocessor Based system in my earlier post, Usually Industrial Microprocessor based systems are also knows as PLC ( Programmable Logical Controllers , DCS ( Distributed Control System) systems. There are many in the market , Siemens makes , Rockwell Makes , ABB makes, Bechoff makes the list is HUGE AND long...., and additionally Many Industrial filed level controllers. They are not PC based systems, they have their own OS, not Windows , and own CPUs, they also follow the same standards for Ethernet Http protocols and FtP Protocols implemented internally.

    Just like a router has its own microprocessor and ethernet port. In a way you can call a router also as a Microprocessor based system, Managed Switches can also be classified as one...their OS and Web pages may be on some eeproms i guess as i am no expert of those systems.. hence the reason i am here to learn from you all....Router however works as a server implementation in a way allocating IPs and forwarding its traffic , there is obviously some program that runs on its processor (whatever small one) to execute such programs. Thus the system i am talking about controls machines in an Automatic manner... nothing more

    I did not emphasize on the make as it was not relevant and did not expect many here to be fully aware of those devices/systems as this was a forum for Broadband and how i tweak it...

    SORRY TO ADD this later --> Industrial Microprocessor based system --> Embedded Controllers too...


    My device does not get the Dynamic IP allocated by BSNL, MY router gets that from BSNL .. My device gets the IP which my router gives--> or .3.....router internal IP =

    My wish was to get this (Dynamic ALLOCATED IP) forwarded to my device connected to this router..by way of port forwarding so that traffic can be controlled over to this location from outside I use the Ip address given by BSNL from outside location and access this device--> However essbebe has clearly said "NO" to this in his first post :( , sorry if my understanding is totally wrong....

    Your question has the right understanding of my strange request shirish.....

    Please educate me .. i would appreciate it....


    CAN some one help me , where is my understanding wrong and how do i achieve this :(

    essbebe you can get back :)
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  11. Indranil

    Indranil Member

    First open your router Web pages
    make sure you are log in from router to your BSNL ISP through PPPOE
    after successfully signup to your ISP go to your Router web pages Advanced Setup - NAT - Virtual servers

    Click ADD button then select Custom Server
    Give a name of your system or anything elce
    Set the Server IP Address - give the IP addres of your Industrial Microprocessor Based system.
    Now set the port 80 in the fileld External Port Start and External Port End and Internal Port Start and Internal Port End . Set the protocol TCP/UDP
    Click Save/Apply

    The default port 80 is used for the http protocol. If different port is used in your http server then you have to fiend it your self.

    Now browse your WAN IP from another ISP or BSNL ISP like below
  12. first

    first New Member


    Indranil, thanks , gives me hope that this can work...

    May be, we were doing the wrong way for port forwarding, i need to know clearly how to do this in Nokia Siemens 1600. Somehow we were not able to get this working.

    The http port in the industrial system is 50 if i remember correctly....

    Now there is one issue here, if i do not define the allocated IP via BSNL (for example ... .. in the port FORWARDING setting for Router , will it not work :confused:, i mean i leave it as

    Is there a way in router that whatever IP it gets from the BSNL(ISP) it automatically fills in for the forwarded port settings :p. Because every start or life of an IP the IP address will change....:( in dynamic IP and every time asking the customer to change the Router setting could cause some problems.. i would like the end customer using my system to do minimum work like just check the IP address and give me that details over the phone and from there onwards i carry out my remote long in to diagnose any issue with this Industrial systems.....

    Thanks for your reply...just need a lil more push.....

    What should be given for DNS and Gateway in the Router settings.
  13. shirish_kal

    shirish_kal New Member

    well as far as i guess you should enter the internal IP only(192.168.1.xx) in the router it does the rest but you will need to fix the internal IP
  14. Indranil

    Indranil Member

    If the port is 50 then set the port 50 in the fileld External Port Start and External Port End, Internal Port Start and Internal Port End

    You have to put the IP address of your Industrial Microprocessor Based system
    if get then put this IP address in Server IP Address in your router

    browse the IP address like below ( this is requir when you browsing from another ISP or BSNL ISP )
    remember browse with port number

    Yes it's work, you do not have to put WAN IP address here.

    If you do the correct settings for the port forwarding then what ever IP gets from your ISP will forwarded to specific address you mention.

    But you have to know the address of WAN to browse from the outside.
    to know your current WAN ip address then log in to your router and you can find the WAN ip address from the WAN pages. I dont think there is need for changing the settings to fiend the WAN address.

    Or you can find your current WAN IP address from this web site
    Know My IP :: What is my IP Address?
    then you dont need to log in to your router

    You can requist BSNL to give you a static WAN IP address then you can get all time same IP address after login.

    You donot have to do anything here, leave it to auto settings.

    As far I can do help from here I do, But not possible so mutch help from here.
  15. first

    first New Member

    Thanks all

    Monday i shall try all the things and come back again.....

    I think i tried most of the things here and it never worked :( , i will do some background study again and will surely discuss.....sorry .. i shall be back to work on Monday.....

    Thanks all....

    Keep up the good work.....
  16. first

    first New Member

    Tried all and Failed well.....

    Dear All , I have tried all kinds of combination and did not succeed:mad:

    Shown below is the PORT FORWARDING i did .


    From another system which is on NET i tried to put the "IP Address with :80" the ip address allocated by the ISP.

    Nothing worked.

    Where am i Going wrong :(

    HELP !
  17. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    A google search shows , it is possible with "DIAL UP" connections.
    remote access of PLC controllers.
  18. first

    first New Member

    dial up

    DIAL UP is not what i am looking for.

    If i use Dial up, then i have to DIAL ISD if my equipment is outside the country or STD if on a remote location.

    Please help me with Internet based solution, USING our normal routers.

    The port forwarding as i Understood does not seem to work , is my understanding of Port forwarding wrong or Is the Dynamic IP address allocated by ISPs Not translated over the Internet :(

    Please guide.
  19. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    "Dial UP" works for broadband connection also.
    Usually "DIALER MODE"means
    You enter your UserID/PW in a window in the desktop/ ( with or without Phone number )
    ""Always On" means UserID/PW entered(stored) in the WAN page of modem.
  20. first

    first New Member

    Dial up

    Dial up works for Broad band too?... your mean in Bridge mode ?

    Are we talking about ADSL or normal DIal up Modems ?

    Please give me the Link of the PLC where u have found that. Let me have a look at that.


    The industrial system should be connected to some BB or you want the Industrial system to dial up as a script and get connected to Internet ?

    Can you show me the Link
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