India tops in Swiss Bank Depoits!

Discussion in 'News discussions' started by itsmemad, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. itsmemad

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    The link below will tell you that 1.4 trillion dollars worth Indian black money was lying in the swiss banks in 2006...

    Read the last para in the report -
    Money lying in Swiss banks may hit markets via P-notes- Analysis-Markets-The Economic Times

    Updated figures per the Swiss Banking Association report 2008

    Deposits In Swiss Bank ~

    Top 5
    India---- $1891 billion
    Russia----- $610 billion
    China------ $213 billion
    UK-------- $210 billion
    Ukraine ----------- $140 billion
    Rest of the world ----$300 billion

    Source: Swiss Banking Association report 2008

    Do you know this is more money than ALL the money in ALL the banks in India taken TOGETHER ! This shows how corrupt the beurocrat netas and their relatives are... Its high time to get that money back to India...
  2. SmoothVibes

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    ohhh this is sad :sad:

    i just checked this link and found that it is horrible figure as india is on the top
  3. just4kix

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    @smoothvibes, no idea why, but your last post went into moderation queue.
  4. Rameshjeee

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    Do swiss bank know that these money are black money...
  5. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Swiss Banks don't see it black & white - they only see the deposits in full colour.
  6. Punch Farce

    Punch Farce New Member

    I thought the Swiss banks were very secretive. How
    come they released this information?
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  7. itsmemad

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    They still don't disclose identity of their clients... They just disclose how much money came from which nation... and that too they have started doing few yrs back only...
  8. ShAdOwCoN

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    How do they know its black ...if they r so secretive ?:confused:
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  9. Evander Leopold

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    yeah, the bank may find out about the origin of the money but if they r really secretive( which i m sure they are), how the hell did they call it 'black money' ???
  10. Suman_kumahavel

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    I don't remember reading that they called it "Black Money". Its the forumers who talked about black money and now we assume "they called it black money".

    Swiss Banks, myth and reality - we are simply used to saying "Swiss Banks" out of habit - but there are many such tax havens- even Singapore and Hong Kong among numerous other ones.
    Pls read web link that is shown in title of this post.
  11. lenovohost

    lenovohost New Member

    Nice information but not offically confirmed by the Govt of India or Swiss Office
  12. Punch Farce

    Punch Farce New Member

    probably because half the govt of India ministers have accounts there.

  13. shahjigarart

    shahjigarart New Member

    Corrupted beurocrat netas

    these data of 2008 just think in 2 years how much more money they had dumped in Swiss bank. this money is our (indian public).
    If it comes back in India than than than we will be Number one in the whole world
  14. itsmemad

    itsmemad Alligator

    Many should have got new accounts during the CWG.
  15. meetdilip

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    Suresh Kalmadi would have started a new account. May be there is an upper limit for a single account and Kalmadi exceeded it. ;)
  16. rajan1311

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    even i got a few acconts there...sadly,i am no elite member there,so many more fellow indians :(

    actually, there is no need to hide their money now, they porbably convert all their black money into white money but investing in markets via foreign accounts..
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