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Discussion in 'PC Games' started by RishbhSharma, Feb 28, 2010.


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  1. RishbhSharma

    RishbhSharma New Member

    The Minimum Requirements for Grand Theft Auto IV Are:

    The Recommended Requirements for Grand Theft Auto IV Are:

    If you are having missing textures or super lagg (2-10 FPS), i can make it playeable for you.

    The process of boosting GTA 4's performance is divided into 8 Steps

    1. Overclock Your CPU:
    You can overclock your CPU and get some good performace including some Mhz. But Beware, CPU overclocking needs to be used carefully and it makes CPU to produce more heat so you will need a cooling fan. The Article related to "How To Overclock your CPU" can be found here I've increase my Processor Speed from 2.5 GHz to 2.66 GHz.

    2. Overclock your Graphics card:
    You can also use to overclock your Graphics card and get some good performance. You will need RivaTuner For it. But remember,excessive overclocking can damage your hardware and it is not covered under warranty. You need to increase GPU clock to a few notches (5-10) GHz.

    3. Optimize your PC:
    For better performance, you will need to optimize PC and remove viruses+malware etc. You need CCleaner to Clean unwanted contents. A good defragmention is also neccessary. You need to clean the registery too (make a backup before doing that). You can also set visual Effect quality to low and set none wallpaper.

    4. Low number of background processes:
    For good performance and less lagg, you have to make sure about the resource avaliability to play GTA 4. Turn off your antivirus and other applications that can disturb your Gaming Performance. You can use task manager for terminating Unwanted processes (Be careful! Don't end every process!)

    5. Updating your Game is important:
    Be sure to update your game to the latest version, the latest version allows you to set more graphics options. It can lower your Graphics mem usage to 10 MB. The patch has the bug fixes.

    6. What About Your Graphics card? it needs Update:
    Make sure to update your graphics card drivers to latest version, for nVidia users: You can download the Latest Forceware and for Ati users: You will need ATI catalyst Drivers. Both of them can be downloaded at - Download Free Software . These updates have the missing texture fixes and more than 14% game improvement.

    7.Use More softwares:
    Utilities avaliable on internet can help you to play the game more faster. some of them are PGware GameGain and MemTurbo 4. Memturbo 4 can be used for RAM defragmention.


    8. Manually change resolution:
    If you can't play it at good speeds, the best way is to create a resolution your self. You can create a custom resolution in NVCPanel (only nvidia). Try to create a lowest resolution, for example : 320X240 (if supported). When you are finished creating a resolution, create a file named "commandline.txt" in your Grand Theft Auto IV Folder and place following lines in it (without "") "-width 320 -height 240 -noprecache -nomemrestrict -norestrictions -minspecaudio".
    Remember to create a resoltution. If this doesn't works, you can add "-windowed" (without "") in the commandline.txt file. I run this game @ 160x120 and now i get 20+ FPS (before it was 2 FPS). You can set windows resolution to low to increase the GTA IV windows size.

    Hope this helps!
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  2. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    At the time I am learning about: Overclocking.

    Give a try to the game then see: Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. This game requires really a amazing computer like I have.:D

    Search : Sacred 2 Fallen Angel RELOADED 20 GB game.:eek:
  3. RishbhSharma

    RishbhSharma New Member

    Don't Worry mate, my brother will buy a new PC which is going to be better than ur pc....... i will post it's config. soon:cool:
  4. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    I am using 8 GB DDR3 1333 Mhz Kingston RAM.
    Core i7 with turbo boost.
    1 GB ATI graphic card.
    1 TB internal HDD.
    Windows 7 Ultimate.
  5. RishbhSharma

    RishbhSharma New Member

    Ram : 12 GB
    Processor : Intel Core i7 975
    Video Card: Dual ATI Radeon HD 5870 2 GB
    Hard Disk Storage : 4 X 1500 GB 7200 RPM
    Monitor : 32"
    Power Supply : 1000 W
    This is the info i can get, i am not allowed to even touch the PC( i don't know why). Only i can do is to watch it working through the window.
  6. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    Thant is good for you.........:D
  7. RishbhSharma

    RishbhSharma New Member

    Now I am feeling that my PC is nothing in front of that PC.

    Kahan Mera 30,000 ka PC :rolleyes:
    aur kahan wo 3,00,000 Ka PC

    it is 10x better that mine..........
  8. rajan1311

    rajan1311 Just a member

    Rishabh, what does your brother do ?
    Here most of us are not as rich as you guys....we need to be content with what we have :)

    @Gaggan - What ATI graphics you got ? Don't say "I don't know"..
  9. RishbhSharma

    RishbhSharma New Member

    he is some kind of engineer in south india..... And for gaggan..... You should use GPU-Z.

    He is my cousin though. Now he is planning to take the pc to somewhere.....but before that.... i will install GTA4( currently i am doing so)
    I will run a benchmark and post the result here so wait......

    Average FPS: 72.85:eek:
    Duration: 37.54 sec
    CPU Usage: 7%
    System memory usage: 8%
    Video memory usage: 10%

    Graphics Settings
    Video Mode: 2048 x 1536 (75 Hz)
    Texture Quality: Very High
    Texture Filter Quality: Very High
    View Distance: 100
    Detail Distance: 100

    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
    Video Adapter: ATI Radeon HD 5870x2
    Video Driver version: 196.21
    Audio Adapter: HD Audio rear output
    ATI Radeon HD 5870x2
    Intel Core i7 Processor

    File ID: benchmark.cli
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2010
  10. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    I think you are right.
  11. RishbhSharma

    RishbhSharma New Member

    Yaar, 3 +ve votes on thread but no rep??!
    C'mon man, reps are highly appreciated for my work....
    u won't find any type of this article nowhere.....
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