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    Idea Mobile Plans

    ‘An Idea can change your life…’ is the tag line of Idea Cellular Services which is soon going to be one of the largest GSM service providers in the country with already 20 million customers. The company owned by Aditya Birla Group is leaving no stones unturned to make it the most popular service provider with offers that matches every individual needs. And they have come forward with some excellent latest plans. More than that they have also joined the bandwagon of offer pay per second call rates to all prepaid and postpaid plans provided the subscriber does the needful to switch to the new pay per second plan throughout the nation.

    With the pay per second plan Idea is also offering some other offers too. The Chit Chat card from Idea Cellular Services is considered another cheap option for students and housewives who can SMS really at cheap rate – 25 paisa both local and national. For that one doesn’t require to get any such special offer recharge couple whereas the SMS charge for normal subscribers is 50 paisa for local and 1 rupee for national for all networks. Idea has this different plan. The growing competition in the market has compelled Idea to look forward for new idea mobile plans and tariff rates to attract more and more customers.

    Deactivation of a Card:

    There is new scheme where all the lifetime validity cards would expire provided that a subscriber doesn’t recharge the account with minim of Rs 200/- per 6 months. That means if you have a Idea lifetime validity prepaid connection you cannot expect to receive calls on it without filling your account. You have to take note that your account is recharged at least by Rs 200/- (in installments of any value of recharge) per six months. The grace period for such cards would be 60 days and the same conditions would be applicable for all types of Idea Prepaid SIM.

    Let us have a look at various Idea cellular Plans:

    Idea Mobile Corporate Plan

    Advance Rental 699 for an year (no monthly charge)

    CLIP: Free

    STD deposit: free

    Detailed billing: free

    Roaming @ 1Rs pm

    Features of Plans:

    750 min free Idea to Idea (local)

    Idea to Idea @ 30paise

    Local Calls to Other Phone @ 50paise

    STD Calls@ 1Rs per min

    Unlimited GPRS @ 99Rs Per Month (Optional)

    100 SMS free (local)

    Local SMS @ 20paise per message

    STD SMS @ 50paise

    IDEA Easy 444 Plan

    Voice Call

    Destination Charges (Rs. / min)


    All Mobiles 0.6

    National All Mobiles 1.0


    International Group 3 49.2

    International Group 1 6.4

    International Group 2 9.19


    Destination Charges (Rs. / SMS)


    All Landlines 0.5

    All Mobiles 0.5


    All Mobiles 1.5


    All Mobiles 5.0

    Fixed Charges

    Description Payment Charges (Rs.) Optional

    Activation Fee One Time 250.0 No

    Plan Enrolment Fee

    (Refundable after

    2 years) One Time 250.0 No

    ISD Only One 1000.0 Yes


    ISD & National

    Roaming One Time 1000.0 Yes

    ISD & Global

    Roaming One Time 1500.0 Yes

    Monthly Rental Monthly 444.0 No
  2. ravisawalia

    ravisawalia New Member

    unlimited @ 99
    this plan is only for wap for mobile only
    and its sucks
    unlimited plan @rs20 daily
  3. anuphost

    anuphost New Member

    Guys, is there any plan available in which I can call free to atleast 1 mob. number. It doesn't matter if its monthly rental is around 500 or more than that.
  4. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    Check on the site:

    !DEA - An !dea can change your Life...
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010
  5. anuphost

    anuphost New Member

    nope... there is no such plans available on that link which i need. Guys if you come across any plans from any network please let me know about it. Thanks.
  6. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    Unlimited @ 99 plan is good those who want internet for full month at cheaper cost...........
    if you compare via cost it is the best plan.
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    arey yaar! Its for phone browser and not for pc:mad:
  8. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    I have hacked to use in PC.:D:rolleyes:
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