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Discussion in 'Idea 3G' started by vinurvk, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. vinurvk

    vinurvk Member

    Dear Friends..

    Am a Idea Internet User with NetSetter Unlimited 599 Plan and experiencing very slow connection and connectivity issues.

    And never got any desired help from the customer care. I have planned to take a different connection from a different vendor this time.

    Please let me know the best between MTS & Reliance interms of speed. Am planning to go for unlimited or monthly 500 MB package to start with.

    And anybody know whether we can use the same datacard of Idea with someother brand and would that work.

    I enquired about this with MTS and they said it wont support - I guess they would say this to make me buy their USB data card.

    But is there any option of using the same with a different vendor (any vendor) with my existing idea USB data card.

    Your valuable inputs will be of great help to me.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. techgod

    techgod Member

    Hello vinurvk

    Idea only give normal speed u cant except the speed of brodband in idea.Because its a 2G network .You can go for the cdma players like MTS,Reliance,Tata and Bsnl evdo for better speed than idea.Evdo technolgy is far better and give much speed that normal 2G connections.EVDO is more advanced technolgy it will give up to 3.1mbps .I think reliace is this catogery
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  3. vinurvk

    vinurvk Member

    thanks for the quick information techgod :D

    heard that reliance is doing very good.. am planning to switch to reliance.
    but since reliance is CDMA, I will not be able to use the same data card with reliance.

    However, if somebody knows whether i can use any other network with my existing data card - pls let me know..
  4. mickey

    mickey New Member

    ^^Reliance has issues at my place from last 4 months.. i have stopped using it..
  5. aktmnr

    aktmnr New Member

    Hey vinurvk you can try BSNL/MTNL 3G if available at your place. If your existing data card is Idea 3G card then it can be unlocked to be used with BSNL/MTNL.
    I am using MTNL 3G and its giving me 370kbps speed(this is the max speed supported by my phone).
  6. techgod

    techgod Member

    yeah u can opt Bsnl 3G unlimited costs RS 1499.And gives speed upto 7.1mbps buy latest handsets with HSDPA that will give you the mximum 3G Speeds phones with normal 3G will give you a maximum of 370kbps.My friend who was also in chennai got about 4mps speed using bsnl 3G.
  7. vinurvk

    vinurvk Member

    am looking for using the USB DataCard in my desktop and not in phone..

    will i be able to unlock my existing Idea USB DataCard to use BSNL service.. pls let me know if you know the ways to unlock it or any guy who does it..
  8. rocky2003

    rocky2003 Member

    @vinurvk.........ya you can unlock your idea netsetter.because i have unlocked my usb data card and using airtel sim.just google it to unlock.

    but here in bhopal idea netsetter speed is very good.
    average speed-180kbps
    peak speed-300kps
  9. aktmnr

    aktmnr New Member

    I've also used idea gprs and average speed is good around 200kbps.
  10. whozzat

    whozzat New Member

    plan of MTNL

    hi best plan of MTNL

    Trib Unlimited 256Kbps


    256 Kbps Rs. 599/-
  11. vinurvk

    vinurvk Member

    Thanks guys.. I was successfully able to unlock my NetSetter Idea Data Card with help of some third party software (googled it).

    After trying Airtel, Vodafone & Uninor.. Am currently stuck with Uninor internet connection.

    This is being used by my friend who requires very limited net access for just checking emails on a regular basis. Hence, we started using Uninor sim card in the data card which gives 1GB of download data for Rs.24. Hence, its just Rs.96 per month which is very much cost effective for us.

    Thanks for all the replied with their suggestions. Simply this forum is one shot available forum for all internet related queries/problems. :D
  12. Pankaj Kumar

    Pankaj Kumar New Member

    how to unlock !dea netsetter datacard and to used airtel sim
  13. sureshraj_mali

    sureshraj_mali New Member

  14. delhiuser

    delhiuser New Member

    MTS complete waste

    MTS is worst service provider, speed mostly 25-50 KBps, customer care - care for recharge only & unable to sort out any problem. My suggestion - don't buy their service & can check their reviews in MTS MBLAZE section.
  15. khusiin1

    khusiin1 New Member


    You can use Mtnl. Its the best...
  16. vinurvk

    vinurvk Member

    Have you tried MTNL services via datacard..

    WANTED GHOST New Member

    ya u can unlock ur data card.first of all u tell me have u ever tried to use any other sim card.if yes then what it appeared when u plugged in ur usb port?tell me all the things.
  18. jothi8173

    jothi8173 New Member

    599 is for 7.5 gb only

    My data limit exceeds 7.5 gb within a month. I contacted cust (dont) care, to change my plan, i need to download bigger files, I also ready to pay the charges.
    By the cust (dont) care person replied I have wait for until 75 days to complete.

    So I am going switch back Reliance prepaid.
  19. ideacellular

    ideacellular New Member

    Dear Customer,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you. May we request you to reply to us with your complete account details such as Full name, Netsetter no., alternate contact number and the type of Inconvenience you are facing. Also mention the token ID 205IC288457 in the subject.

    Idea Cellular
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  20. vinurvk

    vinurvk Member

    You should be kidding me.. :cool:
    I posted this issue in late 2010 and you are asking my alternate contact number to fix this. Thanks though.

    I have switched back to Airtel 3G and happily living for my office related works and sticked with BSNL BroadBand unlimited for my personal activities. But with the amount of support that I received for Idea - I will never ever go back to idea products any time.

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