Iball Baton ADSL2+Router IB-LR6111A with BSNL Dataone

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  1. amlansarma

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    I have purchased Iball Baton ADSL2+Router IB-LR6111A after having a very bad experience with Dlink GLB502T.It cost me Rs.1,350/- which is cheaper than Dlink.I am from Guwahati,Assam.I have configured it for Bsnl dataone with help from support.I am getting very good speed.

    *Go to iballbaton.com.
    *There is link to support and Live Chat.
    *Click on it.
    *For chatting you must have yahoo ID to log into yahoo Chat with TECH SUPPORT.
    *The email support is support@bestitworld.com.
    *In my case support center called me on my mobile after I send them email in above address.
    *Support center called me and helped me to set up the router with BSNL dataone.

    What can you ask more from support.
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  2. gupta

    gupta New Member

    How to configure iball baton (ib-lr6111a) router

    Hi All,

    I want to configre my iball adsl 2+router so that i could use my pc as well as laptop. I have the read article before to configure for wireless connection, but i have purchsed the belkin 8 port switch for configuration. I want wired connection.
    Plz help.
  3. gaggan4392

    gaggan4392 New Member

    You have to change Bridge mode to PPPoE mode and enable DHCP by going to (Username and password admin , admin)
  4. gupta

    gupta New Member

    could you please guide me how to do this...since i do not know about all this.But i have tried a lot...but atlast unsuccessfull.The problem is whoever takes the connection either laptop or pc.....the the latter couldn't.If i connect pc first then laptop gives error of 651...if i connect laptop the pc give 678 error...

    Please guide....from the day i bought my laptop for using net..i am unable....

    Thanks for replying....plz help....
  5. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Confirm you can access the modem settings by admin admin
    confirm status page appears like this.
    in both desktop and laptop.
    Any difference please report. ( except
    ip addresses)
    Para two :
    Start RUN type cmd
    New Page
    type ipconfig /all
    COPY/PASTE the data here for both
    Desktop and Laptop.
    confirm got a CD with USB drivers and modem has USB Port
    In the modem ( usually LAN settings page )
    Enable DHCP. give range 192.168.1. 3 to
    Also if "bridged" mode ( you use a Dialer "
    Uncheck. Select PPP/PPPoE enter UserId/PW in WAN page.

    .In the computer/and Laptop
    Network settings Page
    Select tcp/IP
    Check Obtain IP address automatically
    Apply SAVE.
  6. gupta

    gupta New Member

    Thanks For such a quick rply...

    I have some doubts regarding what you posted

    "In the modem ( usually LAN settings page )
    Enable DHCP. give range 192.168.1. 3 to
    Also if "bridged" mode ( you use a Dialer "
    Uncheck. Select PPP/PPPoE enter UserId/PW in :( page."
    ....whatever you asked i do have all that ..accessed with
    but what i qouted i liked to have more clarification on that...do i need o give mac address...there are many tabs...do i need to configure them or what you posted is just sufficent....

    thanks dear for such a quick rply......
  7. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Please wait .

    No "MAC" entries required.
    Just confirm you are not using a "Dialer' meaning you enter USERID PW in dialer window in computer.
    Waitiing for your reply
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  8. gupta

    gupta New Member

    Ya, I am using that.....iam using in the same way as before configuring the modem...sorry...for late in reply...i am in office....when i get time i willget back to you...
  9. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Go to Maintenance or Mangement Menu and under tools select Back up settings/Save settings.
    say to C:/My Documents/ Ibaton dialer mode.

    see this link and follow instructions.

    Modem pages are similar. seems equivalent to WA3002_g1 ( less wifi options )
    You have to select PPP/PPPoE and enter userId and PW in WAN page.
    Enable DHCP

    follow computer settings for both systems.

    Check computer 1 gets connected.
    Then transfer the RJ45 from computer end
    and connect to switch Input port.
    Use two additional Rj45 to connect
    both systems from the switch.

    If possible try to Exchange the switch for a WIFI router Netgear WGR614V9
    . You can use it for wired connection ( Like switch ) and also In WIfi mode for laptop in wifi mode within a radius of say, 30 to 40 feet in the house.
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  10. gupta

    gupta New Member

    Thanks for such a feedback... i will let you i am successfull.....you are really amazing....great.....I have just reached my home ...i will configure and let you know by tommorrow....bye..........:) take care.
  11. robin11kv

    robin11kv New Member

    I have a problem with configuring Iball Baton ADSL2+Router IB-LR6111A with BSNL Dataone... broadband connection dialer in windows works well and always get connected to internet.But the modem doesn't configure automatically.so i have to use dialer always.
    image of modem status page is given below..

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