I want to know more about MTNL Broadband speed/rate

Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by Naruto, May 20, 2008.

  1. Naruto

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    I've been lookin round for some broadband connection with a constant upload/download speed!! I've found out that Airtel 256 Kbps Unlimited download speed is 20-30 Kbps and the upload speed is around 18 Kbps. Some of my friends use MTNL(256 Kbps Unl) for around two or three months, they told me that on the first month, the speed were awesome and when the second months comes, the download speed was decreasing like wtf... 5 Kbps... but, the one who currently use triband 256 Kbps Unl told me that the download speed were not bad, but he didn't tell me about how much!! But they all got the same problem, its about the bill!! i thought that what they need to pay would be landline rental + BBD fee (i know they didn't use the landline for calling) but they had the bill that cost around Rs 1800+!!!!!!!!! the rental was around Rs 150/- (If i'm not wrong) and the BBD fee was Rs 899/-, i know there's some more bill for the modem rental, can anyone explain more about this?? I'm comparing MTNL with Airtel, i don't know which one i'm going to chose!! I need to know about this before next month, coz i'm getting a new connection next month :D

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    airtel airtel airtel airtel ... the choice is pretty simple. the mtnl unlimited broadband sucks. i have it. the 256k unlimited. i get a constant download speed of 26.5kbps. try and get an airtel unlimited connection.
  3. batman

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    i have 4 different plans of airtel in my 3 offices..
    and they are decent
    i have one MTNL at my house
    But when it comes to speed and economy MTNL rocks!!!
    at times during their testing switches phase i had got more than 3mbps on my 256 unlimited plan.
    You are right, their spped use to be much more than the plan before, but now they have electronic limit switches as per your plan ., so u can forget that.
    AIRTEL : service (billing problem real bad)
    MTNL = Speed + economy (they dont charge a single paisa more!!!)
  4. tigeronk2

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    Hi Peter,
    Did you get the answer to your query? If yes, please share. Billing details are not mentioned even in the detailed broadband bill webpage. //bol.net.in/billing/

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