I want to get a Bsnl WiMax Connection

Discussion in 'Broadband How to' started by skedia, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. skedia

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    I am currently using a Bsnl Broadband 750 Home UL Connection. I have difficulties getting it shifted because i get transfered every 2-3 months. Please Tell Me what is the Cost for Getting a WiMax Modem and getting it installed. I saw that the Cheapest Plan Is HOWI 750 UL. Please Reply

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  2. essbebe

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    Please delete email address to avoid spam mail.

    Have you considered Prepaid Broadband tariff of BSNL.
    Connect anywhere in India on BSNL Landline with same
    ID/PW .Only your account is debited.
    ( even if you use L/L provided by
    Landlord etc )
    You can surrender present connection and collect the deposits made.
    You need the modem.( if not purchased outright )

    Wimax may not be available at all places. Latest 3G.
    details if needed.
  3. skedia

    skedia New Member

    Thanks, I'll look forward to shifting to a Bsnl Prepaid BB or 3g
  4. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Prepaid will be better. 3G too costly at the moment. You can also try BSNL EvDO.
  5. birender

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    If you want to use a BSNL Wimax then you have to spend 10000 for Wimax SS CPE and then monthly bandwidth charges as other TATA etc are providing free installation with wimax modem free with 4 months advance rental.
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