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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by vip11204, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. vip11204

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    I want to know do we need BSNL landline connection for having BSNL broadbnd internet. I am having Tata Indicom Walkie Talkie.
    Also provide contact number of BSNL Broadband providers.
    I am from Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Here I tried Tata Indicom broadband, Tata communications, Sify Broadband. But everyone says that they do not have "connectivity" in our area.
    I want broadband for downloading purpose (games etc), I am looking for night unlimited plan OR other unlimited downloading plan within Rs 800.
    So please tell me which is the connection which I can have ? (except above mentioned as they do not provide services in our area).
    I just now read on bsnl homepage (bsnl.co.in/service/internet.htm) that bsnl offers internet throughout the country exept New Delhi and Mumbai. Is BSNL broadband available in Mumbai ? Because I live in Navi Mumbai.
    :)Thank you.:)
  2. sb21pro

    sb21pro Banned

    i dont think so pal, delhi n mumbai comes under mtnl only
  3. iorhld

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    do you have a BSNL land line.if not find out that first whether u can have a BSNL landline where you live.my guess is most likely BSNL provides landline facility in the whole part of india,so no problem there.YOU NEED BSNL LANDLINE FOR BSNL BROADBAND CONNECTION.

    if u can have a landline,i will guess providing broadband is no problem.my advice start with the home 250 plan.it gives a download of 1 GB per month at a speed of 256 KBPS to 2 MBPS (real fast).do not cross the limit of 1 GB. if u like the speed and everything,next month go for the home 500 plan.it gives night time unlimited from 2 am to 8 am.speed is also 256 KBPS to 2MBPS,which is pretty fast.you can download atleast 4 GB everynight if everything is set up correctly.
    there is also other plan called home unlimited 750.it's unlimited for the whole month but speed is only 256 kbps.u can download only upto 3 GB per day if and only if u keep ur CPU on 24 hours.
    if u want faster speeds go for home 500.if u want to download whole day,go for home 750.

    if u are having doubts whether you should go with BSNL,i would advice you " try karke to dekho". it's the best out there.no other company provides such speeds at such affordable price.
  4. whitestar_999

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    contact your local telephone exchange for details.only they can tell you about providing service.also keep in mind that BSNL provides services in whole India except Mumbai & Delhi where MTNL provides service.both are not different but very similar govt organizations.MTNL provides services in navi mumbai & only plan i think is suitable for downloading games is DSL NU 849 which comes with free night time downloading from 12-8AM in which you can easily download 6GB each day.
    MTNL Broadband Internet Services Tariff Plans
  5. just4kix

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    Nerul (and Navi Mumbai) comes under MTNL. You should try with MTNL. YOU Telecom also provides services in Nerul via cable. Check with them also.

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