I bought new tata docom cdma sim...... but i hated it bcos of gprs plan....

Discussion in 'Tata Mobile' started by Nagaraj Sharma, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Nagaraj Sharma

    Nagaraj Sharma New Member

    i activated 48 pack but its using my main blance..... in per pay is der any pack which sloves my problem ....

    one more thing is i hav porting from airtel to tat cdma post pay is it havin any free data plans?

    help me out
  2. Pistole_lachen

    Pistole_lachen New Member

    I dont know if anyone has free data plans.
    if even there is some free data plan become hefty.. ok?
  3. Nagaraj Sharma

    Nagaraj Sharma New Member


    dey told 1.5 gb free but nw dey r telling its for browsing.....
    downloads vl b charged LOLZ....
    i am using galaxy Ace duos.....
    dis time dey havnt givn gms usage so shity
  4. Pistole_lachen

    Pistole_lachen New Member

    friend my, you use sms anglikshchen i squat loud..
    sorry use full language.
  5. Nagaraj Sharma

    Nagaraj Sharma New Member

    OH! sorry....

    i recharged for 48 they told it was unlimted pack now they are telling it was only for tata zone........

    Now i have already given application for porting my number and this plan sucks......

    is there any cdma provider having plans like gsm?

    i am using galaxy ace duos(cdma+gsm)
    oly cdma has data and no gprs here phone also sucks.....
  6. Pistole_lachen

    Pistole_lachen New Member

    you stuck un "pit und well" situation..

    in such case, you should call customer care and ask for their help because they are the one who knows.
    now you took cdma phone. plan must be fur brew free, so you pay for everything else. (even to use inbuilt opera)

    cdma ist known fur premium servicen.
  7. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    What is the speed of Tata DoCoMo CDMA gprs??
  8. Pistole_lachen

    Pistole_lachen New Member

    cdma services are dependant on mobiles used for them.

    galaxy seems to me a good phone.. so it should give you good speeds..
  9. Pistole_lachen

    Pistole_lachen New Member

    cdma and gprs are two different systems.

    cdma uses cdma signals. gprs uses 2G signals.

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