Huawei UMG 1831 21mbps modem giving <1mbps

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by einstein0072004, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. einstein0072004

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    I just bought a Huawei UMG 1831 modem which says it supports 21 mbps(for future networks of course). I bought it knowing that BSNL 3G for now supports upto 7.2mbps. And i've seen my HSDPA enabled mobile phone giving speeds upto 4mbps.

    But when i connected this modem, its giving less than 1 mbps even on download accelerators. Is it just network congestion or some problem with modem? I also saw that its updated to the latest firmware: 11.826.03.01.420

    Anyone with the same modem ? I need help guys, i'm using it in bangalore. As i've said, my 3G mobile gives speed upto 4mbps. Any inputs will be appreciated.

    *P.S: But this modem doesn't come with any manual or warranty, it comes in just a small carboard box, on which 21mbps is pasted with a separate paper. Is it like those pen drive scams claiming 100000000... GB capacities? :p To make it worse, huawei doesn't have any websites with info on these modems, like other mobile phone websites have.

    Come on guys, no one with any info? :eek:
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  2. dushie

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    First the latest firmware is not 11.826.03.01.420, but it is Firmware v11.831.05.01.420.B427.

    Secondly there is lot of speed fluctuation on weekends i have seen lower speeds as more users are doing downloads compared to weekdays where speeds are better.

    The download speed would also be dependent on the tower you are connecting to and the speeds it is capable of as u cant get 4Mbps download speeds from a 3.6Mbps tower.

    U can use MDMA to check the connected speed and the type of signal, signal strength and other details. Download link MDMA - a Mobile Data Monitoring Application

    The warranty is given by some sellers for 6 months and some more also. Usually all these modems are getting imported from outside.

    It is no pen drive scam, the modem supports 21Mbps speeds, your network should be capable of transmitting such higher speeds for the modem to work, if the cellular network is not giving good speeds you cant blame the modem.

    Also all the details of the modem are available online and on many forums if you google the same. Read on the top of your modem it says T mobile. Read on the back of the modem it says name : web connect rocket.

    this is a tmobile US modem and all the details are already present on the T mobile site along with firmware updates.

    Here are the links -
  3. einstein0072004

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    First of all, thanks for patiently giving all the information.

    I know if network doesn't support, one can't blame the modem, but the thing is that my 3G mobile phone gives speeds upto 4mbps.

    Anyways, i'll use the network tools you've suggested. And btw i thought it was a huawei modem, as i see now, only the box says huawei, there is no huawei logo or name on the modem itself. Maybe huawei manufactures for T-mobile.

    The mistake i made is to search huawei instead of T-Mobile!

    I am less than 1Km to the tower, so i don't know why i'm not getting good signal. The modem has an external antenna slot. But where to get the antenna itself? I extensively searched yesterday, only some ebay sellers have hefty priced antennas. Also tried a 5 metre USB extension cable, it couldn't read the modem itself due to reduced current because of more resistance of wire. Other users also have reported that with USB cable extension.
  4. vikrampaulchennai

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    HUAWEI UMG 1831 21 Mbps modem

    it's not compulsory to use the native software of T-Mobile which comes in the modem,I have bought the same modem HUAWEI UMG 1831 from 3G Store in bangalore & i have been using it with a huawei software called Mobile partner & there is no fluctuation in the speed,This mobile partner software is really cool.
  5. rvishu

    rvishu New Member

    Thanks for the links. But not able to d'l the software as it keeps asking for a 10-digit T-Mobile phone number. Moreover, the downloader only mentions a d'l manager. There is no FW. The first image in the list has FW, but it is listed as UMG181 & the image does not match the UMG1831. Any ideas ?
    PS: My firmware (UMG1831) is 11.826.03.01.420 (according to MDMA)
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  6. dushie

    dushie Member

    To download the software from the upgrade link Unsupported Browser it will ask for a tmobile no where this generic no can be used to download the same 6156680000.

    You have to scroll down and get to web connect rocket laptop stick and get software icon.

    Put 6156680000 as the t mobile no.

    Then download the : -

    T-Mobile webConnect Rocket USB Laptop Stick Firmware v11.831.05.01.420.B427 Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7)

    Once downloaded run the setup, before upgrading firmware you need to ensure that sim is not in the modem and no other program is using the modem. Also there should be no power loss or failure, ensure you have the modem connected in the rear usb ports also.

    Finally if your modem is working fine then no need for upgrading the firmware.
  7. Surpreet

    Surpreet New Member

    This T Mobile No. does not work .
  8. rvishu

    rvishu New Member

    @Dushie:Thanks. Just d'led the FW (could'nt log on to this forum the whole of yesterday for some reason). Worked like a charm, I mean the T-Mobile no 6156680000. Yet to install the FW.
    Finally the modem is working fine, but the instinct to upgrade is very strong :)
  9. buntyindia

    buntyindia New Member

    I have also purcahsed this Data Card and trying to install on Windows 7 Home Premium i5 Machine.

    It get hang while installing it's drivers...what can be fine on another machine having XP
  10. cyber_avijit

    cyber_avijit Member

    I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit but in my machine it runs smooth. I think something wrong with your OS or maybe the Mobile partner software is old one. try downloading the latest Setup_Mobile_Partner_v.

    If your version is same then no need to download it just reinstall it.
  11. buntyindia

    buntyindia New Member

    I have the same version installed , should i reinstall the 64 version or 32 one?

    I downloaded your file, which file need to execute?
  12. cyber_avijit

    cyber_avijit Member

    which version of OS you have????
  13. lalicharan

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    south is having a horrible time.
  14. Surpreet

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    So is North , i;m in Amritsar , Things aint any Bettter here,,...
  15. cyber_avijit

    cyber_avijit Member

    same here in kolkata
  16. Shivsena

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  17. mickey

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    i think a modem shouldnt be damned for slow network..
  18. k vivekananda

    k vivekananda New Member

    which is the best usb modem

    i want to buy new usb modem which modem can i buy

    huawei umg 1831

    huawei e1752 or e1750
    suggest me the best modem
  19. sumanth

    sumanth New Member

    BSNL network is terrible currently. So you might want to wait till its corrected, if its corrected before you take a Data Card.
  20. cyber_avijit

    cyber_avijit Member

    go for
    huawei k4505 if you can go for that price.

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