HUAWEI 3G data card for BSNL 3G

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by milkboy, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. milkboy

    milkboy New Member

    HUAWEI 3G data card

    what is this i m confusing i heard we can use internet 3g in ur cell

    and i also know we can connect 3g from cell to laptop

    using cable and bluetooth

    what is this HUAWEI 3G data card for

    whats special in device

    it is also like cell phone ??????

    shall we insert sim in this 3g data card ???????????????????

    whats this?

    any one to say?????????????????????
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  2. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Yes, you can insert a SIM and use it as your modem. It is easier to connect as they are plug and play.


    If you are comfortable with using phone as modem, then there is no need to purchase a data card.
  3. ATHUL4R

    ATHUL4R New Member

    Its a 3g device.
    it looks like a usb pen drive.
    Insert you 3g sim(also spports GPRS AND EDGE) into it and connect it to pc via usb slot.
    You can use 3g on your pc or laptop.
  4. milkboy

    milkboy New Member

    best data card :) to buy

    can i use data card where ever i go using my sim :) and what about speeds

    say me best data card :)
  5. sumanth

    sumanth New Member

    Huawei UMG1831 is a best buy at the moment. Speeds will depend upon signal stregth and number of users in that area.
  6. milkboy

    milkboy New Member

    by conenctign with mobile gives u more speed or havwei modem ?>???????
  7. sumanth

    sumanth New Member

    Not sure about that. And plus you mobile phone's battery could drain out in no time. So use the Data Card.
  8. onenessboy

    onenessboy New Member


    Just try out for a Hauwei e182e if available in your area...

  9. nikhil_spunky

    nikhil_spunky New Member

    using a mobile phone as a modem will not give u a speed as much as that of a data cable. also its handy to use data cards. and yes ull have to insert a sim card in the huawei modem if its unlocked else it will come with a sim pre-installed.
  10. Shivsena

    Shivsena New Member

    buy umg is best
  11. vikrampaulchennai

    vikrampaulchennai New Member

    Huawei UMG 1831

    Yes, Huawei UMG 1831 is a good suggestion for BSNL 3G,Howere the cost is a bit high,It's Rs. 2999/- from 3g store india.There[/url] is hardly any benifit of this card as BSNL is only providing speeds of 7.2Mbps.
  12. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    you can use your modem as phone too but firstly you need to know the following details.

    1) what is the phone model ( does it support 3.6 mbps or 10.2mbps)
    many phone in market provide basic 384kbps and 3.6mbps...except some devices like e72 which i use provide 10.2mbps

    2) bsnl provides 7.2 mbps speed in many circles if your phone support 3.6 mbps , you are getting lower speed. many operators are planning to provide speeds upto 21 mbps. ( check for your phone hspda speed)

    3) you phone battery drains quicly, and the life time of ur phone decreases tooo

    4) u can buy a data card of 21 mbps huawei umg1831 from ebay sellers for just rs 2800

    5) huawei umg1831 supports only high speed internet, text message not voice call nor videocall nor balance check.

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