How to use BSNL 3G sim with USB Modem

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by new_hckr, May 19, 2011.

  1. new_hckr

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    Well, here is the problem..

    I have a MTS MBlaze USB Modem, it has slot where we can insert a SIM, now can any of you tell me how to use this?

    I tried it before, using dial up settings, but it didn't work.
    It says authentication failed, sometimes 'incorrect username or password', so I gave MTS's username and password, it got me connected, but I was unable to surf or use internet, I think that just logged me into the MTS connection.

    Please help.
  2. sureshraj_mali

    sureshraj_mali New Member


    Do you see BSNL network once you plug in the SIM into you MTS device?

    I far as I know. MTS works on CDMA technology and BSNL on GSM, so I am wondering how would it be possible to use BSNL with MTS data card.

    Apart from the above. All data cards are locked by service providers, so in case you have change the service provider and use the same data card, data card needs to be unlocked.

    Let me know your progress with this experiment.

    Regards :)

    I am here
  3. pinkypainter

    pinkypainter New Member

    normally it will blink if there is connection and then you can connect accordingly. Is the device blink when you plugin?
  4. new_hckr

    new_hckr New Member

    Well I don't have any idea about GSM and CDMA, I just thought it would work.
    No, nothing pops up like BSNL network.

    Yes, the device does blinks, but I think that is because of the MTS Network. BSNL I don't think have any hand over it.
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  5. then you should search on google and get some idea regarding CDMA and GSM as both are different technologies al together and they have specific devices based on their respective technology.
  6. new_hckr

    new_hckr New Member

    Ok, thanks, will definitely check it out. :)

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