How to unlock vodafone HSDPA K3570-Z USB STICK??

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by hr649, Nov 29, 2010.

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  1. hr649

    hr649 New Member

    Have a Vodafone MOBILE BROADBAND K3570-Z HSDPA USB STICK...but couldnt USE bsnl's 3g USIM... Anybody knw to unlock tis?? I TRIED with NOKIA PC SUITE also...
  2. 3guser

    3guser New Member

    If you can post your IMEI number, I can post the unlock code.

    Let me know.
  3. sameer4gupta

    sameer4gupta New Member

    Hi 3Guser,

    Will really appreciate , if you can share with the group the process to Unlock the 3G cards.

    Also let us know how can we identify at the time of purchase of 3G USB modem , wether it has genuine IMEI number or not. Most of the USB modems available in the market have beein imported under the Service providers like T-Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin etc.
  4. 3guser

    3guser New Member

    I own a software that does it for me. I usually help friends out. Don't charge anything. Nothing special.
  5. abhishekt2

    abhishekt2 New Member

    the ime number of my vodafone K3570-Z HSDPA USB STICK is 359592035070088. I want to use it with bsnl 3g sim. Please help me unlock this and tell me how to use bsnl 3g sim on this device.

  6. 3guser

    3guser New Member

    Put in your BSNL card and attach it to your PC. It should prompt you to unlock. Your unlock code is 59509291. Unlock it and use your card as you would use with Vodafone.

  7. abhishekt2

    abhishekt2 New Member

    Cant unlock

    Do i need to insert the bsnl sim as well to unlock the data card. At present i am using vodafone sim but it doesn't asks for any unlock code

  8. 3guser

    3guser New Member

    Yes, insert the BSNL sim. It will say data card is locked or will prompt you to unlock. Put in the unlock code.

    Let me know what happens.
  9. abhishekt2

    abhishekt2 New Member

    Thanks for the prompt reply i will try and let you know

    I tried using the mtnl 3g card but it didnt ask for any unlock key. The vodafone software does not allows any other sim and and displays invalid sim message only.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2010
  10. pintu_unique2010

    pintu_unique2010 New Member

    help me for unlock 3g stick vodafone k3570-z

    help me for unlock 3g stick vodafone k3570-z my imei :359592034056450 plz help me ... my email add is
  11. Fsbiol

    Fsbiol New Member

    Hi 3guser

    I am in south africa and have to vodacom 3G modems, I would like to put mtn sim cards in

    Here are the imei numbers:

    IMEI Number: 359592034857667

    My IMEI no is: 359592034864895

    It be great if you could unblock them

  12. 3guser

    3guser New Member

    Here it is - 40722217

    53142793 for IMEI Number: 359592034857667

    44681202 for IMEI no is: 359592034864895

    Do let me know how it goes.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2010
  13. Fsbiol

    Fsbiol New Member

    thanks you. what do i do with these numberS?
  14. 3guser

    3guser New Member

    Good question. I dont know how your Data Card works. For me, when I put a different sim to the locked card, it automatically prompted for the unlock code. I input the unlock code and pressed SUBMIT. Done!

  15. 3GZA

    3GZA New Member

    K3570-Z Unlock


    Can someone please help me with an unlock code for my K3570-Z modem locked to Vodafone.

    IMEI: 359592034491871
    S/N: 322902715327

  16. shakthi

    shakthi New Member

    How to unlock Idea net setter EG162G Huawei Modem

    If anyone knows the unlocking code for Idea Netsetter EG162G Huawei Modem,please let me inform my email id is
    IMEI 353474024107153
  17. dheerajreddy

    dheerajreddy New Member

    Looking for Unlock Code

    Hi 3G User can you send me the unlock code for my vodafone USB Stick, the IMEI number is 359592036576265.

    Thanks in advance
  18. Commissioner

    Commissioner New Member


    In south africa as well, worx well on vodacom > inserted mtn sim > "sim not recognised" > what can i do? Anybody help
  19. mobbband

    mobbband New Member

    unlock code please 3g user


    Could you provide mine too please?

    IMEI is 359592030872520

    cheers, mobbband
  20. acc1444

    acc1444 Guest

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