How to Unlock Tata Docomo 3G modem

Discussion in 'Tata 3G' started by BLADE777, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. BLADE777

    BLADE777 Member

    Hi guys i have recently purchased TATA Docomo 3G connection and I am happy with the speed ,but I have heard that you can unlock the E-stick and can also be used with other 3G service provider if you have 3G sim. I have BSNL 3G sim only activation is required , please let me know can i use that with this stick


    MF631 HSUPA ZTE Modem

    Thanks in Advance
  2. nippuankush

    nippuankush Member

    Comparatively Difficult

    ZTE modems are comparatively difficult to unlock as compared to Huawei modem. If i get my hands on that modem, i will definetly try it once.. And update you on any development
  3. BLADE777

    BLADE777 Member

    I have heard it can be done , so if it true i would like to have the software to unlock it and wt did u mean by asking "you on any development" didn't understand wt u wanted to know.
  4. nippuankush

    nippuankush Member

    I mean...

    I mean that if i get that modem then i will try to unlock it, and if i am succesful then i will update you, witht he software and the unlock process
  5. nippuankush

    nippuankush Member

    Waste of money

    DC unlocker. Dont buy please.. Just search yourself and you will get the solution. Knowledge should be free and these guys are charging heavily for it. Don't Support them
  6. BLADE777

    BLADE777 Member

    I downloaded the software and really worked. I unlocked it and now i can use the E-stick with my BSNL 3G modem without purchasing a 3G data card

    Thank you

    Thanks for advice , I didnt purchase it and what you said is really true we must share knowleged with every one

    I downoaded the software with the above provided link and it did not ask for any purchase and it successfully unlocked
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  7. nirav496086

    nirav496086 Guest

    Your Welcome ....

  8. BLADE777

    BLADE777 Member

    I would be glad to add you on yahoo, but i dont use yahoo if you have gtalk then let me know
  9. nippuankush

    nippuankush Member

    DC unlocker asks for credit?? Dint you buy credits before Unlocking it??:eek:
  10. BLADE777

    BLADE777 Member

    No it did ask for any purchase I unlocked it successfully.hope i had taken the screen shot to show you guys.
  11. RajCJ

    RajCJ New Member

    After unlocking the USB stick which USB driver did you install to get connected to the internet. whether it was TATA's Data Card driver (as USB stick is from Tata) or the BSNL one (as you are using BSNL SIM).

    I have same situation however, I have Vodafone USB stick. But, I would like to use Airtel SIM with it.

    Please provide us the details (step by step) if possible.
  12. vinitkmr

    vinitkmr New Member

    hi i have tried but the link is not accessible in the browser
    how does i get it?
    plz give me correct link
  13. ishan2rana2

    ishan2rana2 New Member

    but DC unlocker software asks for username and password..
    plz help...
  14. Unlock link

    Give me link of tata docomo 3g mf631 unlock modem softwear.
  15. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

    Try downloading it from
  16. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

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