How to Unlock Reliance 3G Datacard MF190 - ZTE ?

Discussion in 'Reliance 3G' started by alexavier, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. alexavier

    alexavier New Member

    Can anyone suggest a way to unlock Reliance 3G Datacard MF190 - ZTE ?
    I don't want to alter the software. I want a solution similar to what I did with my vodafone K3770 3G Datacard ie Just specified the APN and able to access the Internet.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Although this suggestion might seem stupid but have you spoken to someone at one of those Reliance world shops? Those people deal with such queries on a daily basis so if there is a solution you are most likely to find it there.
    Dont forget to update this thread if you do find a solution :)

    I also purchased a Reliance 3G ZTE MF 190 from reliance outlet...
    and i have sucessfully managed to unlock it with the help of DC Unlocker.
    so download dc unlocker with unlimited credits and unlock it..:)
    and after unlocking you dont need to change the firmware or dashboards... :)
    check it out :
    Reliance 3G ZTE MF-190 UNLOCKED.jpg
  4. dsoumik98

    dsoumik98 New Member

    i am not able to unlock Reliance 3G ZTE MF 190 with DC unlocker. after above all procedures it says simcard not supported type. plese rectify my prolbem.
  5. avikdip74

    avikdip74 New Member

    Tell me guys whats the benefit of unlocking it ?
  6. dkthakur97

    dkthakur97 New Member

    Use this link to unlock MF 190
  7. dkthakur97

    dkthakur97 New Member

    Use given below link to unlock ZTE MF 190.

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