How to unlock Docomo 3G Estick - Huawei E177

Discussion in 'Tata 3G' started by robyxtrajinx, Nov 3, 2011.

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    Heyy guys..

    Please tell me how to unlock this Docomo 3G estick - Huawei E177 datacard. I have tried quite a few things but didn't help.

    When I put some other SIM card in the data card and try the modem, it gives me following error:
    Invalid sim card --> and then the software closes automatically. :(

    Please HELP ME OUT here.. PLEASE !!!
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  3. robyxtrajinx

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    It doesn't work, I already tried this. :( Tell me some other way please.. Thanks.
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  5. robyxtrajinx

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    Heyy.. I finally unlocked the modem.. with the help of a new dashboard.

    You just need to enter the unlock code which can be generated with the huawei unlocker.. Yippie !!!

    Thanks for the offerred help :)

    Hello guys,

    This is how you unlock your Tata Docomo 3G Estick Huawei E177 datacard/dongle.
    You'll need two things for this:

    1. Huawei Unlocker (
    2. Mobile Partner Dashboard (Download Mobile Partner 001 500 datacardunlock com zip)

    Once you have both these s/w, get your Docomo dongle and note down the IMEI number. Run the Huawei unlocker and enter the IMEI number and press unlock.
    It'll generate two codes : FLASH & NCK code. We need NCK code for unlocking.

    Before proceeding, make sure you have uninstalled all the docomo drivers/dashboard from system. Now, insert the docomo dongle with the other SIM card. Now install the Mobile Partner dashboard and run it. At first it will not show any signal.

    Now in the dashboard go to Tools -- Options. it'll ask you for a code, enter the NCK code now (you get 10 attempts). This will unlock your modem. This is how I unlocked my modem.

    Hope it helps.
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  6. devpatel2006

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    hey i tried this also to unlock my huawei e177 stick.but it not showing invalid sim.
    what to do??? pls help...

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