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Discussion in 'Airtel 3G' started by ib123, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. ib123

    ib123 New Member

    Do anyone know how to unlock Airtel 3G Huawei E1731 usb data card.
    so that it can be used with other operators.
    Please help
  2. ib123

    ib123 New Member

    I found it how to unlock any data card.Thanks for the members.
  3. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    Is it stable after unlocking?

    Huawei E 1731 - is it stable after unlocking ? (Rs 2400 right ?)
    what 3G sim you are using with your unlocked data card ? (in chennai ?):cool:
  4. ib123

    ib123 New Member

    It is cool and stable after unlocking.Yes the data card costs around 2499 in chennai.

    aircel,bsnl, vodafone all i tried.I am getting around 600 kbps to 3 mbps speed in all .
  5. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    Are you in BSNL old U/L plans too?

    Thanks for your report.
    I still have Photon-Huawei EC 1261 (CDMA) -quite stable- use both in my Acer laptop and Desk top. ( to be given to daughter for her new notebook this summer holidays)
    Once in a while - I use Reliance Netconnect Dongle in wifey's Apple pro Notebook when Iam at home.
    Iam yet to buy any 3G modem in the last 3 months.Just using tethered or thro Local wifi spot with 3G sim in my Nexus-One & Nexus-S phones.
    Android Phone will be spoiled if I continue like this.

    Huawei UMG 1831 or E 1752/ K4505 are obivious choices.

    Idea's Netsetter Huawei E1550 (up to 3.6 Mbps) is being sold @Rs 999 as promotion offer on the eve of 3 G launch in Hyderabad.Can be cracked and can be used as a standby GSM 2g/3G data card.

    Airtel's Huawei E-1731- Max download 3.6 Mbps only & not 7.2 mbps ??

    In Triplicane /Ice House -on the main road Iam getting 4 to 4.65 mbps in Vodaphone. which area you are testing voda? :D
  6. could you please share with us as to how this unlocking should be done for this particular model????
  7. niladri83

    niladri83 New Member

    @ib123 - could you share how you unlocked your airtel E1731 data card.
  8. ib123

    ib123 New Member

    for unlocking you have to actually get some paid softwares.


    Airtel speed reaches max 4 mbps only .
    Vodafone is upto max 4 to 5 mbps.
    I am testing from choolaimedu area.

    May be more number of users are connecting and speed doesnt exceed 5 mbps.
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  9. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    Thanks for your report. I assume You used your Airtel (Huawei E-1731) unlocked data card for the above tests ?So this card is capacity above 3.6 Mbps (up to 7.2?)
    Iam getting 4 to 4.5 Mbps in Voda in my phone.
    Many were complaing about Airtel 3g speed. But You are getting up to 4 Mbps is good.
    Are you using Airtel's Rs 625 Flexi plan or debit from main a/c ?:rolleyes:
  10. ib123

    ib123 New Member

    Airtel's Rs 625 Flexi plan also reduces the speed to dialup after post hitting the shield value.
    All airtel 3g plans are not competitive with BSNL tariffs. we have to wait for the tariff to come down for heavy usages.
  11. satsathishkumar

    satsathishkumar New Member

    Do anyone know how to unlock Airtel 3G Huawei E1731 usb data card.
    so that it can be used with other operators.
    Please help please help
  12. rishi_see

    rishi_see New Member

    unlock 3g

    Hi could you please PM me how to get the unlock code for Airter 3g ?

  13. sandeepkvarshney

    sandeepkvarshney New Member

    which 3g data card is better zte MF668 or Huawei 1831 or Huawei k 4505

    hi !

    can smone suggest me which 3g data card is better "ZTE MF668 or Huawei UMG 1831 or Huawei k4505"
    cost doesn't matter.
    please help me.

    thanks...... waiting for reply!


    plz tell me how to unlock e1731

    plz tell me how to unlock e1731
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  15. ganga

    ganga New Member

    hai friend i have found way to use other sim in bsnl data visiontek 82gh software from bsnl software completely(add/remove program you need to uninstall 2 programs-one is bsnl data card and other is hsdpa program).Install visiontek software put any other sim.example airtel means change settings.go to connection click add and give name as airtel,number is *99***1#,apn is really works for me.surely it will work for you also
  16. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

    google "dc unlocker"
  17. sgr78

    sgr78 Guest

    Airtel Huawei E1731

    What is unlock code for Airtel modem Huawei e1731 (IMEI: 3543690419041902082) ?
  18. ghulam777

    ghulam777 New Member

    ctuall the IMEI you posted here is not valid. .you can post it here. and I can provide you the code . go to (

    if yours is
    IMEI: 354369041902082
    » Unlock: 55763816
    » Flash: 51310306
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  19. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

    google "dc unlocker" (gsm/3g datacards only)

    Here's a cracked version of the DC UNLOCKER. Havent tested it myself coz all my datacards are factory unlocked. So try at your own risk.

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  20. rsk11584

    rsk11584 New Member

    I am using the airtel 98rs 2G plan in my cell phone so wanted to know if i can use the internet through my PC also i am using samsung galaxy i5510 phone and it has got USB tethering so i guess i can use it ,, also one of my friend does not have modem phone but wanted to know can he buy any datacard from market and puta 3G sim and use it because in ebay you find lot of data card in markets.

    Huawei E173 3G Data Card 7.2Mbps 3G USB Modem, Auto APN, Megaphone Logo, Black | eBay

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