how to SetUp Wi-Fi with MTNL broadband

Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by gauravvraj, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. gauravvraj

    gauravvraj New Member

    hello friends

    for years i have been using MTNL Broadband via cable.
    Currently using Sterlite SAM 300X ADSL2+ Modem.
    i have laptop now and want to setup wifi. I Dont know anything about it , what do i have to purchase and how to set up things.
    Could someone please share knowledge regarding this.
    if any related thread is already there please post links here.
    Thanks in advance.

    new in the wireless Technology :)
  2. Tanmay Mohan

    Tanmay Mohan New Member


    dear gauravvraj

    You can contact mtnl at their helpline

    I think they are giving the Beetel 450TC1 Wi-Fi Modem for wifi users

    My friends have this

  3. gauravvraj

    gauravvraj New Member

    actually i do not want to bother MTNL guys :p .. as i know their services and monthly rental so i want to purchase my own router etc.
    just want to know about the things to be purchased and how to make the setup for wi-fi.
    thanks for your kind reply tanmay.

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