How to setup connection with BSNL 2G sim & Micromax 310G??

Discussion in 'Broadband How to' started by alienalone, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. alienalone

    alienalone New Member

    Hii frnds ... I've a bsnl 2g sim ... I'm able to browse internet wid it on my desktop using my mobile (Motorola V3i) as modem.

    but today i went to a shop to check how it works wid a micromax 3g data card .... but da shopkeeper wasnt able to connect to internet using my sim! :confused:

    can any1 pls tell me how to establish a new connection usin 2g sim and 310g datacard??

    thnx in advance .......
  2. thatguy

    thatguy New Member

    Open the MMX310G 3G USB Manager

    Click on the Settings icon, select Conection profile

    Click Predefined list Select BSNL-Your Zone and finish.

    Click connect.

    Also make sure to select UMTS in the network mode for high speed internet.
  3. alienalone

    alienalone New Member

    the shopkeeper did the same as u mentioned above ... but it is not working!! :confused: :(
    pls sum1 help me in dis regard ......
  4. Pandey_Ji

    Pandey_Ji New Member

    I don't know why this happening. Although, you can make a new profile. But, if you simply click on "connect", it automatically recognises your sim connection and does the rest and hence connect.
    Whats the error code you are getting?

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