how to reset UTStarcom WA3002-g4 modem i forgot password

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by kngokul, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. kngokul

    kngokul New Member

    i forgot password my modem is UTStarcom WA3002-g4 it have 4 eathe net and wi-fi fo type -1 there is a reset button bun not in my modem hoe to reset my type-4 modem
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    presume you mean, that there is no RESET switch or access hole in rear of the unit.

    Did you change the password. ?
    Usually admin admin or password.
    Wait. ( see below)
    Reset switch/Access hole :

    Usually between the power socket/switch and RJ45 port.

    The reset access could be in the bottom of the unit.
    look for a small round hole. near right hand side.
    rest will be square or rectangular ( air vents)

    Tried Id as support and user
    Passwords tried "blank" password support user 1234 etc. could not access. will check up later.
    ( *Management/ Access control / PASSWORDS /)
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  3. superprash2003

    superprash2003 New Member

    the password is usually the same as username.. atleast for ut300r2u it is..
  4. matrix

    matrix New Member

    I have the same modem and the default user id / pwd is admin. Yest there is no reset option at hardware level.
  5. bullzeye_rp

    bullzeye_rp New Member

    the modem reset button

    The reset button is present on all modems/routers from BSNL. Its only marked in the model from siemens...The others - USStarcom/ZTE..its at the bottom...I mean literally underneath...

    Turn over the modem up-side-down and you see numerous holes that are square in shape...Out of this there will be one small round one...

    That's the reset switch.....

  6. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Just curious, why/how you selected this thread after almost one year.
    Anyway there is a contest in progress, and if you can catch up,
    post NEW threads with minimum 120 words.

    Para two:
    see post No 2. for same information.
    // ( add http:)
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  7. bullzeye_rp

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    Had a couple of my friends call me on this....

    All of them said none of the forums or posts told them about it...

    So on a simple google search ....I posted the answer in the first 5-6 links that had the question...

    This way anybody who does a search in future....can see this...

    Just trying to help out...and sorry for bumping a year old thread.

  8. essbebe

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    Thanks for updating the thread.
    When you search old threads, and find no solution, or response from the thread starter,
    your post/s will be valuable.
    many foreign forums, close the thread, whether solution is there or not, and ask you to start a new thread. ( and if possible quote the old link )

    In your USERCP select "Latest Post First"in forumpages

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