How to recover shift-deleted files?

Discussion in 'Computer hardware and software tips and tricks' started by xwhyz, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    I have accidentally deleted an important file in my computer and I actually shift-deleted it. I tried many free recovery tools available on the net and none worked, and could recover only the corrupted version of the file rather than the file itself. I want to know is there any good tool or software which does this job perfectly? Probably free. Its very urgent, as I need that document whatsoever.
  2. Speed

    Speed New Member

    Once, I also deleted my files and i also tried hard to recover them but unfortunately i was not able to get any software which was able to help me. But since if you need any of these full version and you can check the pirate bay.
  3. kuldeep

    kuldeep New Member

    hi use easy recovery tool search on google you willl find there
  4. arrysilver

    arrysilver New Member

    Use tune up utilities 2009.
  5. dev_asis

    dev_asis New Member

    Disk Digger

    Try this cool software called Disk Digger. It recovers your data sector wise and you can get it in free.
  6. Angus Anderson

    Angus Anderson New Member


    i use this tool for that data i lost by mistake..tool named Undo restore files accidentally deleted from your system or secondary storage devices. Files that were lost by deleting partitions, formatting disks can recover by it..!!
  7. iorhld

    iorhld Member

    if the computer has been used a lot after shift deleting the file,most probably the sector has been over written and there is very little chance of recovering the original data intact,but you might recover partially some of it,so better rack your brain to reconstruct your critical information.

    same thing happened to me once,but this was with pictures and videos.never was able to recover it best of LUCK.
  8. pinkypainter

    pinkypainter New Member

    I don't think Undo Delete helps. The file will recover but not the content.

    May try the disk digger method. Personally never try as I am not the computer expert also. May get more information from Google search. All the best!
  9. Davis.Bennett

    Davis.Bennett New Member

    Some times it happen with us all but there are some data recovery software through which we can get back all our data, go for "Kernel for FAT and NTFS" data recovery software which helped me before and it recovery all my data on a single click of mouse. I download the software from internet.
  10. wink24

    wink24 New Member

    Shift-Deleted files can be recovered by using advanced File Recovery Software. The software can recover deleted, lost or formatted files with ease. File recovery from Recycle Bin can also be performed by using this software. You can download the free version and try for the recovery results.
  11. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    Use works perfectly fine...
  12. dhirajpatel

    dhirajpatel Banned

    try undelete software. it can recover even if you have format your pc.......

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