How to recharge Reliance 3G prepaid data plan

Discussion in 'Reliance 3G' started by morenojee, Apr 23, 2011.

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    I'm from Kolkata/WB area!

    I have a very basic question:
    What is the procedure to recharge Reliance prepaid for 3G data plan. I see there is on their official website lots of details about the 3G tariff plans ->

    3G Pack 100 MB Rs. 100
    3G Pack 250 MB Rs. 199
    3G Pack 500 MB Rs. 399
    3G Pack 1 GB Rs. 649

    but I still could'nt find instruction about how to recharge exactly. With other mobile providers the process is to make special STV recharge with the tariff value lets say 47Rs. and that's it! So how you doing this with Reliance 3G? Any answer to clear my illusion is welcome.Thanks
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    Well after few failure methods found on internet I decided to try luck with and has all Reliance 3G packs for recharge. I tried a luck and after 15mins I got confirmation sms message from Reliance saying: 100MB mobile broadband [3G] is activated successfully:) ...

    Also have to confirm that in Sri Mayapur there is Reliance 3G internet available ... [speed I reached maximum so far was 2.3Mbits -> not so baaaad]

    Is there any other working method to recharge Reliance 3G plan available?
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    have you tried
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    I see there no option for recharging 3G packs. It has many online recharge options for voice and sms but no option for 3G or data plans...

    I found here one document stating how to do this! I didn't completely try yet but will do so next time and will inform you of the status. Here is the document describing Reliance 3G plans and methods of recharge:

    it says:

    Prepaid Daily, Weekly, 100MB, & 250MB can be activated through self-care by sending:
    SMS MBB<price>to 51111 eg. to subscribe to 250MB SMS MBB199 to 51111

    All prepaid packs except Day pack can be subscribed through e-recharge by sending:
    SMS<space><price> to <customerMDN> to 53738
    All Postpaid packs to be activated through iCar
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