How to make Wi-Fi connection with D-Link DSL-2640S Router on MTNL broadband

Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by jumanirohan, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. jumanirohan

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    Hello Guys,

    I am new to this forum.

    I currently have a MTNL broadband connection with wired router GLB-502T ADSL2+ Router. Now I bought,
    D-Link DSL-2640S Router and tried to make a wireless connection with this router. However, the "" @ "" symbol light on the router is amber colour (not green) due to which there is no wireless internet connection.

    Can any1 please help me with guidelines or steps what I need to do to make this router work on my MTNL connection as a Wi-Fi connection.

    All help is much appreciated. Thank You. :)

    Kind Regards

  2. essbebe

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  3. jumanirohan

    jumanirohan New Member

    Thank You, essbebe . Lemme try this solution. If it dosent work do u have any other alternative.

    Like, the means I can flash the router !! so it can work of my ISP .i.e. MTNL !!
  4. essbebe

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  5. jumanirohan

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    Hello mate, thanks for the screen shots however I cnt find the tab's under my router.. Also i tried to bridge my adsl router with the wireless, but no joy :(

    Jst to let u knw tht I have gt this router from UK. i guess tht might be one of the d reasons its not working. or do u have to do smthng with MTNL connection in order to make it Wi-Fi.

    Pls check d attached screen shot of my set up screen. Untitled.jpg
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  6. essbebe

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    D-Link DSL-2640S
    Router settings:
    Select WAN menu ( Hidden Page ? locked to SKY ?)
    Select PPPoE
    Enter vpi/vci 0 and 32 for MTNL etc.
    try lan mode .
    wifi ASIA channel 11
    Also check MAC address filter. Disable it or enter you WLAN card Mac address
    ( from ipconfig /all)

    3. What is the Password you use to access the router settings ? sky? admin ?password?

    4. Present adsl modem used? use dsl2640S as a switch.
    Rj45 from adsl modem to DSl2640S lan 1 ( try Lan 2 and Lan 3 also desktop to Lan 4)

    feedback item wise.
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  7. jumanirohan

    jumanirohan New Member

    Sorry to reply soo late Essbebe, I did not have internet connection at all for couple of days, as my normal ADSL router got bust and I tried all d options provided by you. However, there was no edit option on the set up page of the router as it is locked by the SKY provider from whom I had the router.

    Newaz, now I got a new D Link 2750-U n 300 router and started my Wi-Fi connection.

    Thanks for your help !!


  8. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Even with the locked up moderm in"Bridged"mode
    you could try in wifi router
    :Select Dynamic IP ( or even auto dhcp)
    enable DHCP give a range.
    rest as usual.
    Only problem you have to first log in with Sky modem.

    For cable Isp's giving just a RJ45 cable we connect wifi router in this mode, and log in.
    usually to WAN port. if not available LAN1 .

    I remember A set up like above discussed By @just4Kix in one of his guides.
    ( broadband How to .... "sticky" post on top ).
    All above just for information.

    Presume Sky modem is beyond repair.or wifi router 2640S ?
    Thanks for the update.
  9. meetidnani

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    Any solution to this? I have got the same D'Link DSL-2640S router from UK which is locked to SKY and am not able to configure my Airtel broadband with it. Can't find the setting for VCI/VCP. Is there any solution for this? Or is there a link to upgrade the router firmware with an unlocked one?

  10. uziel

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    Some more settings image

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG

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