How to make Free calls to Mobile?

Discussion in 'Voice over IP' started by Preeti_20, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Preeti_20

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    While you browse the web pages you come across lots of advertisements and promotions where you read about free calls to mobile. But when it comes to real usage you find that there are hardly any such offer there in the software package that you downloaded to make free calls to mobile or landline. You can only make free calls through VoIP to only online friends who are very much possible in services like Gmail and others. But to make calls to mobiles and landline you have to take their subscription at very low price.

    However if you are tired of searching a popular or reliable site which can offer you opportunities to make free calls to mobile then you need to check out the following sources and software packages which enables free call to mobiles.

    Gizmo5: A very popular free mobile call tool that offers free call services to over 60 countries. Though you cannot make free unlimited calls to mobiles but you have limited edition calls every month or per six month to make to mobiles. This service also enables sending free SMS too.

    UbiFone MOVOIP: Another popular software package which allows you to make free calls to mobile. After you get few trial free calls you have to off course subscribe to its low fee plans to make calls to mobiles or long distance calls in most European, American and Asian Countries.

    Yahoo Voice: This is often called the best internet phone service provider to make free calls to mobiles. Once you subscribe their plans you can make 1000 minute free US calls in just $10. There can be nothing cheaper than this and it is almost like getting free calls.

    Jajah: Similar reliable source to make free calls to mobiles. You have friends, family and other options to call with this free software that is possible to get from internet. But after limited free calls you need to take subscriptions for extending the free service of making free mobile calls.
  2. mecyanide

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    Works in India?
    Do I have to pay or even shed out credit card information?

    Or is that all just BullCraP?

    I would like to know the answers as I spend most of my time on the internet and I would love to make free calls to cellphones from my Laptop.
  3. bsanant

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    If you have a wifi enabled smartphone, you may try downloading "spokn" and "vopium" to make calls to landlines and mobiles worldwide direct from your cellphone.
    Of course, all these are paid services after the initial free minutes.
    You may also ask some of your relatives abroad to recharge your account.
  4. mickey

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    watch your language!! you are Indian..:mad:
  5. niloymoni

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    How u can start free call from your pc to mobile. Actully nothing is free in this wor

    I am really happy now because i can call mobile from my pc without any cost for that i thanked to the organisation...
  6. suryabalu

    suryabalu New Member

    free call

    :(free call it is a good opturnity any peoples
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member

    free calls are very possible...

    what you need is proxies and little common sense.. and knowledge about sip..

    in India one may use ibibo.. though i am sick of the site.. but i heard they give.. well dont know

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