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  1. seychellesblue

    seychellesblue New Member

    I want to make a Tv channel. So people can watch it via dish antennas.
    Satellite connection is needed.
    How to and where do I start?
    I mean private channels like Astha, cartoon network, regional channels etc.
    I have heard about internet TV but I do not want info on that. so plz anybody who knows where to look for plz tell.
  2. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

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  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    aprilsagar You said something similar on my blog where I mentioned I was going to launch mobile wimax service in Delhi...

    Whats wrong with you? If you dont have anything good to say or contribute keep your mouth shut.
  4. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    @aprisagar, not worthy of you.

    @seychellesblue, A full scale TV channel requires a lot of investment. I am no expert and I doubt whether anyone can give full confident information. But you will probably need the following:

    a) You will need broadcasting equipment, Television network experts, content ideas
    b) You will need content (TV programs)
    c) You will need to have sponsors
    d) You will need govt. permissions to start a channel
    e) And you will need a lot of money upfront coz sponsors will come later
  5. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

    to admin

    can u show me where i said that on ur blog? i suppose my comment is still there on ur blog and it proves no point of discourage to u. I was rather excited at that fact, to make things clear. anyway, that didnt succeed also (Thats not my point anyway whether u succeed or not). Also if the memeber seychelles wanted to start tv channel, he wouldnt be here asking for it (means how to start one) . hope that makes sense. And yes, stop being against me even though u own this place. This is second time on forum.
  6. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I dont need encouragement from YOU. Your remark was very insulting and according to the forum rules you warrent a permanent ban.

    Who are you to judge if seychelles wants to start a tv channel or not or wether he/she is capable of investing the kind of money it takes?

    There is a question in the first post if you cant provide a straight answer how about staying out of this thread?... why question someones ability or inability of doing something or even their desire?

    I have nothing more to say on this...
    If you do please keep it to yourself and learn how to behave in public.
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    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

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  8. icosytech

    icosytech New Member

    It would be great If someone could post the details of how to start a local TV channel.

    For example, License that are required, equipments required, technicians required, etc...

    Looking for a existing TV channel owner or some employees of TV channel to give appropriate answer to this topic.

    Thanks in advance
  9. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    A local TV channel is allowed on Cable TV network.But you cannot uplink the programs/ etc to a DTH satellite without GOVT permission./licenses etc.
    Contact your local Cable TV franchisee , to check
    whether he can help you to feed your TV programs in his network. ( It could be for one hour or H24).

    Now SUN Networks started with a recorded VHS video cassette of local events/talent/news etc ( called "PooMalai" meaning Garland) and could be viewed in the cable network. ( at that time the Cable operators and individuals could access different TV Channels directly with Satellite receivers and Dish Antenna etc ).Also they used to transmit in cable network pirated Videos of latest movies also !!.

    Now all this is not possible as Networks like SUN ZEE AIRTEL etc have taken over the DTH network and also give feed to cable operators.

    Para two:

    No wireless signal exceeding 100mW power , in any form can be transmitted by any/individual./organisation, with an external antenna without proper licese/permission from
    Ministry of Communications WPC wing.
    ( License conditions might have been updated ).
    Please clarify, whether you want to start TV B/C
    like NDTV/ZEE/SONY/SUN etc.
    The present channels available in the language of your choice.
    I am neither a TV Channel owner or employee Of TV Channel.
    You are free to reject/ignore all ,or any of the above ,and wait for appropriate answer from person/s as specified by you.

    Best of Luck , for your new venture.
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  10. icosytech

    icosytech New Member

    So for starting a Local television I need to contact the Local Cable operator and need not acquire any license from govt right?

    Then can you tell me about the infra that are required along with manpower?

    Whether I can expand the distribution to two or three nearby cities? A rough estimation of cost for setting up the local TV channel is needed.

    Thanks in advance
  11. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Did you contact the local Cable TV operator ?
    If you specify your town/location, better contacts/information can be given.

    Para two ;
    If you had attended a marriage
    function, you would have seen a person with a Video camera, and another man holding the power supply board and lighting , tagging along, recording the event/visitors/ music programs etc.

    Another person will be sitting with a control setup, and record the events , watch the input on monitors /add extra content/ music/ background sound etc and show it onTelevision Sets placed in the hall.

    Later we get a VCD or DVD (and album full of still pictures.) ( Say for Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000/=)
    ( this is what you give your local Cable operator !
    with content prepared by you every day.)

    That is the equipment needed on a small scale.
    I hope you got a fair idea now , about your project. "Local TV Station"
  12. icosytech

    icosytech New Member

    yeah, I know this basic concept,

    but the thing is consider I have made all the video ready for 8 hours program and Now how I can stream it on the local cable network, I can contact the local cable operators in Tirupur, but i want to know what are the equipments needed to distribute it in the network.

    I dont want to know about the studio setup and camera since I am familiar with it.

    I want to know how to send distribute it for now...
  13. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Option 1 :
    Did you contact the Local Cable operator ?
    He will ask for payment from you to show in his network daily ( Provided a free channel is available )
    Option 2 :
    If you want to distribute it your self, you have to start a new Cable TV service.
    Laying New cables all over Tirupur, etc.

    Which option you prefer ?
  14. icosytech

    icosytech New Member

    I do go for the option-1, And I have got a proposal from online which is for a complete satellite TV which I will post later today since it is huge in size.

    And great thanks to Mr.Essbebe, I think this thread would make a complete resource for starting a TV channel in india.

  15. MQ22

    MQ22 New Member

    Starting a local cable channel..

    This was the only good thread that showed up in the results when I was googling for information on setting up a cable channel. The thread is quite old and I request the admin to point me to a better thread if available and move this.
    I wanted information about starting a cable channel. It would be specific to Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It would be a local channel NOT satellite. We are already into local news and have pretty good coverage and staff available. We supply news to websites and newspapers. Its a news agency.
    What would be the licenses involved? What are the permissions required?
    What would the basis studio setup involve?
    Any specific pointers while negotiating carriage charges with the cable operators.
    What would be the minimum budget of this venture and what would be the split of expenses.
    Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. and yes before anyone points this out, this is very preliminary and we are right now not in a position to afford a professional project report on this.
    Cheers everyone,
  16. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    : OPTION 1
    I feel , it is cheaper to LEASE time from exsisting TV channels
    ( like the soap opera serial producers /TSN/Sankara) say time slot 0200PM to 0230PM.
    Depending upon the popularity of the TV channel say "Enadu/Gemini/Zee Telegu etc ), if your program clicks , you also get advts from local companies and MNC's.

    2. Option 2 :
    With Satellite TV dominating the field and viewers deserting existing Cable operators, ( who in turn are tied to MSO's ) , starting another cable distribution network does not sound a good business proposition,
    You can buy out . an exisiting cable TV network, and plug your own local content H24.
    It is the MSO AND Satellite TV providers who call the shots!
    Option 3:
    If any cable operator is running local content you can ask for a time slot.
    Many political parties in Tamil Nadu have leased SATELLITE channels. it is finally the viewer, with the REMOTE , who decides what to watch !!!!

    Your Channel will ( with mixed content) localised like NDTV/HINDU
  17. muralimohan

    muralimohan New Member

    e9 tv md from hosur..

    I know all the details about how to start a tv channel,at present i running an local tv(e9 tv) channel in hosur , to start an tv channel is not an easy thing , you need central govt register , service tax for the channel name , copy rights from cnmft(media publisher) , broad cast certificate , cr licence etc,,etrc..,

    i also have an idea to start up an satellite tv channel in tamil nadu if any body like to tie up with me contact me at-07871002211
  18. muralimohan

    muralimohan New Member

    start a new tv channel

    I know all the details about how to start a tv channel IN INDIA,at present i running (e9 tv) channel in hosur , to start an tv channel is not an easy thing , you need 50 lakhs rs ,central govt register , service tax for the channel name , copy rights from cnmft(media publisher) , broad cast certificate , cr licence etc,,etrc..,
    and it get 3 months of time to start,

    gods grace, i got all licence legally,

    I also have an idea to start up an satellite tv channel in tamil nadu if any body like to tie up with me contact me at-07871002211
  19. vchandr6

    vchandr6 New Member

    starting a new local tv channe


    I am also having the idea of starting a new local tv channel. Can u pls share ur experience.....

    How much u totally spend for all the equipments, approvals, licence, etc...
    Because i even expecting the loan for this business.

    Thank you
  20. vchandr6

    vchandr6 New Member

    starting a new local tv channel

    Hi! Murali mohan

    I am also having an idea of starting a new local tv channel. So can u pls share ur experience with me...

    How much u have totally invested for this busuness including equipments, approvals, licences,etc....

    Bcoz i need to claim a loan for this business.

    Thank you
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