How to limit wifi bandwidth ???

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by bsanant, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. bsanant

    bsanant New Member

    Calling all experts...

    I am on a 500 Combo plan using AN 1020-21. I generally connect through Ethernet and have a couple of friends next door who share over wifi.... :)

    I wish to limit their bandwidth to the least possible.... :mad: Is there a way to do this ???

    Any help appreciated....

    just googled and found that this can be done with "Quality of Service"... about which i have absolutely no idea...

    attaching a screenshot...
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  2. jumpingjack

    jumpingjack New Member

    Qos is just to set the priority. It can be used to limit the bandwidth but I can not see any option to enter manual bandwidth in snapshot.
    So, you can just you as a highest priority and your friend priority after you. That is it nothing specific you can set.
  3. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Please give ref link only.
    Delete Insert picture. 100KB file download.
    or as Annexure.
    Change over to Ulimited plan Home UL750 512 Kbps speed.

    For ref :
    UDAAN PROJECT -- BSNL { new web site "online" change of plan }

    Sleep in peace !
    Day quota shared by three under 500 C(BBGFN500)
    .:BB COMBO:.
    (Discontinued wef 1st Feb 2011 for new users )

    2560 MB will be say 850 MB for each or barely 20 to 25MB per day/each user.
    ( 10 to 20% used up in uploads/handshake traffic etc)

    Likely to be used up within 10 to 15 minutes.
    ( at average d/l speed )
    (2Mbps 256KB/sec x60= 15MB/minute ( surfing is not at this speed )
    Exercise not worth the trouble, and will create problems with friends.
    Also the usage has to be checked daily at Bsnl usage portal so that you don't exceed the day limits. , no problem if sharing excess d/l is possible.
    You have no control over the friend's system/s.
    Installing application like NetworX in each computer not possible. Also in wifi mode if security key is not used others can also use your wifi network.
    Confirm the menu page"QOS" is from Model AN1020-21
    ( same as Siemens C2110 no wifi)

    Para two:
    Try the application given in this link and give feedback.
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  4. bsanant

    bsanant New Member

    Thanks for the replies, sorry for the big picture though...

    just as BSNL sets our B/W to 2Mbps, 512 Kbps or 256 Kbps I want to set my wifi to 128 Kbps. That will still keep my friends happy as it would be better than WAP / GPRS.....

    any idea ????
  5. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Try this: Not tried.

    Download and install in your system.
    tcp/ip optimizer. from
    Set the slider to 150 Kbps speed.
    Check your own speed Before and after .
    (Preferred because you get a record / graph etc )

    PS: Any edit/deletion by @member possible only
    for 24 hours in this forum.
    Only@admin & @moderator can edit any time .
  6. bsanant

    bsanant New Member

    well, actually i don't want to limit my ethernet, but only those wifi clients..
    does the tcp/ip optimizer control the router since i am on "pppoe"...
  7. dmellosd

    dmellosd New Member

    Manage Wifi Bandwidth

    Just do a google search for any Wifi Hotspot Management Software. I am sure you will find a program that suits your needs to control your available wifi bandwidth to be shared with other users. Most of them will require installation only on your pc and you can control the no. of users and also bandwidth allowed per user using quite a few of these softwares.
  8. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    I like feed back /questions , only after trying what is
    suggested by users/members.
    Factual reports /data BEFORE & AFTER also required.

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