How to limit the speed which a laptop gets using my WiFi

Discussion in 'MTNL broadband' started by CyRiaL KiLLa, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. CyRiaL KiLLa

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    Hey There Guys, I've just joined and love this forum...... i need a solution on how to limit the internet speed my cousin gets on his laptop, coz he's come over from out of town, to my house and will be staying here for 3 more weeks to apply to an educational institution. I have no issue with that but a problem with the fact that he always stream's youtube does voice chatting with his hometown friends and keeps downloading on his laptop. Which makes my connection really slow, downloading really slow and surfing a pain in the a** and when i play online it lags....... i don't wanna be rude and tell him Stop It!! so i wanna do it the sneaky way :D.

    In one line - I want to reduce the speed his laptop gets thru my router.

    I have a MTNL DNA-A212 ADSL2+ CPE Wireless Rotuer/Modem provided to me by MTNL mumbai only.......and have the DSL Unlimited 999 Plan.

    Even after 1mbs my speed is slow, so ya'll can imagine how much internet broadband he's taking.

    Please help me out here i have to install something or just using that website thing or somewhere i read using quality of service.

    Any more info ya'll need let me know

    Best Regards.
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Allow him WIFI access. You can use LAN mode.
    Change Mod mode to adsl2 +
    I think there is any method , by which you can reduce the speed arbitarily in a LAN.
    or get him a temporary additional connection.
    Say your plan is limited plan.
  3. CyRiaL KiLLa

    CyRiaL KiLLa New Member

    I think i am in LAN mode (as in on my desktop with the wire connected) and he uses the wireless, i always had a wired connection, i opted for wireless just so that i could play on my ps3.

    And how to Change Mod mode to adsl2 + and how will it help. Don't no so much about such stuff.

    And thanks for trying essbebe

    And he knows its unlimited plan coz i like a fool told him yeah u can use my net and don't worry its unlimited....see i'm not as mean as i seem to be :eek:
  4. meetdilip

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  5. gaggan4392

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    Badla lo vs-se.
    Just download Flashget 1.96 and set no. of connection to maximum and start download, It will download so fast that he even cannot browser easily, Do this when your speed slows down........ and after 10 min. he might switch off his laptop...:p
  6. CyRiaL KiLLa

    CyRiaL KiLLa New Member

    i tried the netlimiter but it shows all my pc's applications speed eg. internet explorer, firefox, steam and certain do i find out which ones his laptop(well its actually a Macbook).

    And i'm also trying flashget, will take badla for sure.....but wat irritates me is my surfing speed.

    thanks for helping me out though guys
  7. tech123

    tech123 New Member

    Dont think your cousin to be a fool:p.
    He can just test the internet speed through speed test on the laptop and will notice it very easily that the speed has been reduced.
    When he askes you the reason for lower speeds what will you say?

    Plan change, Saving Bandwith or MTNL Sucks?

    I guess you will post a new thread asking to reduce speeds in such a way to fool the speed test and show around 1mbps inspite of reduced speeds.

    Sorry if I was a little rude but 1mbps is very less.
    I am getting 2mbps on 999UL 1mbps plan and only then I realised 2mbps speed should be the minimum speed for broadband:cool:.
  8. CyRiaL KiLLa

    CyRiaL KiLLa New Member

    Haha its cool man......but i ain't a fool either, I'm not looking to make the connection 10% : 90% or 25% : 75%....I'm gonna make it 50 - 50, and only when i'm using my pc make it back to 100% when i'm done :) he'll probably understand or will tell him that due to my use speed getting slower. I don't know what speedtest has anything to do with this as its common knowledge that if your internet is being used by applications, its bound to be slower.

    And your probably the more Lucky Chosen :p ones who gets 2mbs on 1mbs plan.
  9. tech123

    tech123 New Member

    OK 0k so 512kbps for both of you. Thats not a bad idea:).

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