How to increase speed ????

Discussion in 'Hathway' started by raghav981, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. raghav981

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    Dear Friends
    Recently I installed windows 2000 on one partition of the hard disk and I discovered that internet was running on proxy settings & the speed was of 256kbps (download speed was of 30 kbps) without logging into my hahway account i.e cyberoam client.
    Check weather this works on your computer.
    my orignal package is 32kbps unlimited(Rs.425/=)

    Please post your comments.
  2. aprilsagar

    aprilsagar New Member

    Yeh it maybe

    I had Iqara connection( now YOU TUBE) earlier and had windoes 98 and xp proffesional.My iqara settings were configured in windows xp.But when i work out with win 98, i was able to surf net without any log in and that too i suppose i had night plan in iqara(9 pm-9am )but in windows 98 i could surf at any time.But in my case the speed was slow in windows 98 while regular speed in windows xp.

    good if u have 2 OS and try it out.:)
  3. Pratik_23

    Pratik_23 New Member

    Download the Software Full Speed v2.7 and use Internet Explorer 7 (Updated) thats what I use and the Download speed is far more better than in Opera and Firefox.
  4. frankedwinz

    frankedwinz New Member

    REALLY>> tata coooooooooooool.....i also hav hathway....did the torrent download speed also increase?????

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