How To Get Ubislate 7c+ To Accept A Non-conforming Dongle

Discussion in 'Broadband How to' started by gspal, Aug 24, 2014.

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    I have a UbiSlate 7c+ with 2G SIM facility as well as 3G via a locked (not unlocked) dongle. As per their Technical Support the list of locked dongles it supports are the following:
    Supporting Information of 3g Dongles


    2 WCDMA E1750 HUAWEI

    3 WCDMA E1780 HUAWEI

    4 WCDMA MF633 ZTE

    5 WCDMA MF110 ZTE

    6 CDMA2000 EC122 HUAWEI

    7 CDMA2000 EC161 HUAWEI

    8 CDMA2000 EC189 HUAWEI

    9 CDMA2000 EC167 HUAWEI

    10 CDMA2000 AC2736 ZTE

    11 CDMA2000 AC2746 ZTE

    12 CDMA2000 AC2766 ZTE

    13 CDMA2000 AC580 ZTE

    How can I get it to support an unlocked WCDMA dongle from Vodafone: K4201-I? The device accepts Aircel 2G/3G Pocket Internet SIM.
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    I have not personally seen or used this tablet so cannot comment whats inside and what sort of tweaks have been done to Android. I understand that this tablet has wifi feature and my suggestion to you would be to get a wifi router that is compatible with K4201-I and plug it in to the router and use wifi on tablet instead of looking for solutions to plug in the modem straight into this tablet. This way you would also have a neat wifi network at home that can be used on mobile phones or whatever other stuff you may want to use.
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    I have a Huawei Quidway WA1003a Router for LAN, WiFi, USB lying with me that was once used when I had BSNL landline broadband connectivity. Can I only use its Wifi features to simultaneously connect my desktop PC & Laptop both using Windows 7 Ultimate, UbiSlate 7c+ running on Android 4.0.4, and mobile phones to connect to internet via an unlocked Voda ZTE K4201-I USB stick?

    Real Panel

    Front Panel
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    Instead of copy pasting the url, please upload the images using upload a file option.
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    I am sure there must be a way but if your modem does not specifically say that it can be used as a stand alone router then it probably isn't very easy to achieve.

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