how to get the BSNL broadband connection?

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by ramesh.mandala, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. ramesh.mandala

    ramesh.mandala New Member


    I am staying in KR Puram Area in Bangalore . Can any body assist me in getting

    the broadband connection. Can any body help me out where is the exchange,

    what are the documents we require etc.

    Thanks in advance

  2. DZire

    DZire New Member

    Do you have a BSNL Phone connection ?

    if yes - you may directly apply for BB by filling up a form at your exchange (check

    if no - you shud to first apply for a phone and then only apply for BB.
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  3. ramesh.mandala

    ramesh.mandala New Member

    Hi lovelyMe,

    I dont have a landline.Cant i get both phone and broadband at the same time?


  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

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  5. suvo

    suvo Member

    of course u can.............

    once the phone line comes at ur doorstep......u can have phone and broadband facility at same they won't bother coming twice........u will get both at same time...
  6. DZire

    DZire New Member

    It is advisable to apply one at a time... Easy for you as well as BSNL...

    yeah that's a good deal
    ...but online application does not help essbebe... infact once you fill up online appl form you receive a call from them asking you to contact nearest exchange....and again u fill up a form there...

    While applying for BB , do not pay. Ask them too include the same (Installation / Modem charges) in the first bill...
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  7. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Instead of answering in Vague terms, i searched and gave him enough info.
    Sorry. I made a mistake in finding out the nearest location/
    CCphone number etc for him.
    Giving link to Online application, is for getting info :
    what is required from the customer
    for a BB connection.
    Did i tell him to apply ON line ?
  8. DZire

    DZire New Member

    boss u r hot, man !!!

    Did i say u are wrong ??

    Things u know better are the things u know better !!!
    why are u always hot tempered ? What VAGUE or WRONG did i say ??

    KR Puram in Banglore... every one knows address.
    Mr Sarangan, SDE.... challenge if he agrees to meet anyone for a New BB Connection !!!

    only one thing i wanted to say is that it is advised to get a Phone before BB.... hope u agree... else all BSNL links are thru that's no worry..
  9. joydeep

    joydeep New Member

    plz clear my doubt...

    I want to take a new connection in Kolkata..
    but the problem is that I am staying as a paying guest there and I dont have
    any residential proof there except my college ID..
    so can I be able to take new connection there??plz help me..
    now if I have my modem and telephone set also with me,and I want to take just the broadband connection,then is it possible to take just brdband without any phone rental??
    if not,then if I want to go for 500C plan,then please tell me what will be my initial charges if I have my modem and telephone set with me and what will be charges after that?
  10. suvo

    suvo Member

    if u r living as a paying can u apply for a phone??????
    and your clg id isn't nuf.......u need a valid address proof..........dat means u need ur voter id card or ration card which i guess you don't have...
  11. joydeep

    joydeep New Member

    well,I have voter i card and ration card also..but the address is inside west bengal but outside Kolkata..
    so dat means I cant take connection in Kolkata??
  12. suvo

    suvo Member

    right........dat address proof won't work.........but bsnl is coming up with a lot of offers nowadays....please ask @ nearest exchange....
  13. ramesh.mandala

    ramesh.mandala New Member

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for your help.I got the address.May be after few days i wil get the phone and broadband.

  14. BSNL rocks,, the very first day i applied i got the phone connection, 2 days after i got connected to broadband. 3 days in total to get broadband connection.:D

    3 days in total i got my broadband connection.. BSNL rocks:D
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  15. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Hope , you will find the following links useful.

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