How to find your stolen laptop

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    How to find your stolen laptop​

    This peice of info might be useful to all laptop users...

    These days it has become easy to track a stolen laptop, courtesy, large number of laptop-recovery software. Most of these software automatically transmits the location of the device back to a central server.

    However, according to several experts, these theft-tracking software also make a user's laptop more vulnerable to spying.

    To tackle this, researchers at the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego, have developed a free software that records location information in such a way that only a legitimate user can get access to it.

    Most of the laptop-tracking software periodically update a database with data related to the laptop's physical location, such as its current IP address and local network topology. While this data helps the security agencies to track the laptop they also help monitor the user's movement if the data is compromised.

    Called Adeona, it uses several cryptographic techniques to keep location information secure. Like the other software, the laptop running the software still sends location information to a central database, just that the data is encrypted so that it cannot be read without a private cryptographic key.

    Adeona works with Windows, Macintosh and Linux. For Mac users, it has an add-on that regularly takes photographs using the laptop's built-in camera, to provide further evidence to the police.

    The researchers are currently working on a version of Adeona for the iPhone.

    Courtesy: How to find your stolen laptop - Timesofindia
  2. Preeti_20

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    Thanks for that info it was really helpful
  3. SmoothVibes

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    ohh this is great info if it really works
  4. rohitbarjatya

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    really nice subject
    thans u for this!!!
  5. bloodyblade555

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    thanks for the info.... it was really useful...
  6. sfabobby03

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    I'm going to look into this further. I have lost a laptop before as it was stolen from my car. I hope this works. I'm going to try it on my current laptop.
  7. Mr.Tooth Fairy

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    so anyone tried this? reviews plz..
  8. StarK

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    great post.. might be useful in future. rep+
  9. DalmeKaala

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    This Adeona thing is a H/W feature or a OS ccomponent.

    Anyway this concept is subjected to privacy and should die.
  10. Logik

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    what if i just format the laptop......reset the cmos settings.....huh?? how ur gonna track me??
  11. StarK

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    have u stolen somebody's lappy logik :mad:!?


    but the point is true...
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  12. Jaganathsamal

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    Finding a stolen laptop is not practically possible bcoz even if u use such software, the thief may format ur laptop or may reinstall the operating system (or use a new one)
  13. Punch Farce

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    personally for me

    privacy > laptop.

  14. Logik

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    y don't u PM me ur address........i will be happy to clear ur pocket first. :D
  15. nivin

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    its just an os component.
    its not worth
    it may be usefull only when the thief is a big fool.
  16. SmoothVibes

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    My friend lost his laptop in evening and this software was not installed in his laptop, so do we have any idea or option to trace the stolen laptop.

    My friend is looking for my help and i have no idea about this subject :(
  17. John Sed

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    I can recommend Protemac Logintrap for mac users. I'm on mac and use this to protect my mac against theft.
  18. charybdis_scylla

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    nice read..........

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