how to connect wifi on ipad 2 using BSNL connection Model WA1003A

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by bsvaishali, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. bsvaishali

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    Please guide me how do i connect wireless on my ipad 2 , I am using BSNL unlimited connection

    On my laptop is works perfectly fine, where as when i try to set it up on ipad it just fails

    Modem : WA1003A
    Unlimited connection

    IP address on the laptop

    On my Ipad:

    I have taken static IP and keyed in the IP address as
    Subnet mask :
    Router : Dont know wat to fill ??
    DNS :
    Search Domains : ETSI

    HTTP Proxy : I have selected Off option

    Please let me know how can i set this up.
  2. essbebe

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    WA1003A On my laptop is works perfectly fine

    Enable DHCP .

    CPE has got inbuilt DHCP server running.
    If you wish your PC or Laptop to get auto IP assignment from CPE.
    You need to just enable the DHCP in CPE.
    For this check on Setup on menu bar and select DHCP Configuration.
    Select the check box ‘Server On’ and click on Apply.
    Save the configuration. Now if you enable DHCP in your PC
    it will automatically get the IP address and DNS server from CPE.

    2. Try without any security key.

    3.Presume SSID appears in iPad.( Any otherwifi links Secured/unsecured ?)

    4. What is ETSI?
  3. Arvendu

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    how to want to connect ?
    laptop to ipad or modem to ipad
    if u want to use modem to ipad then you only need to configure /enable ppoe mode
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