How to connect DISH TV to pc with USB?

Discussion in 'Dish tv' started by mandalpara, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. mandalpara

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    I want to connect dish tv to pc and record some programs on pc..and also i want to Broadcast sports channels on internet during cricket matches..I have asked distv persons abt it & they had told that i can connect it with my pc ,i have to pay extra rs 1000 for it..i have a question..can i watch dish tv channels on pc[connecting via usb not using any tv tuner card] and work other things on pc simultaneously and how can i broadcast direct feed of dishtv on internet using sopcast or tvu player.plz reply to me as soon as possible.thanks in advance
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    What you need is a VGA STB from DishTV. This is what they are selling to you for Rs. 1000/-

    The normal STB from dishTV does not provide USB streaming. What it provides is RGB Composite output (RCA terminals). This is an analog signal. You can use any A-to-D converter to convert these signals to digital and then record them on your PC. However there is a problem. Most A2D converters capture the AV signals in AVI format. This is done to retain as much AV information as possible. A 5 minute video will result in 1 GB file.

    Later on you can use encoders to convert AVI file to MPEG-1 (VCD quality) or MPEG-2 (DVD quality). The most popular converter is TMPGEnc. To make a VCD you need software such as VCDEasy and to make DVD you will need a DVD authoring software such as TMPG DVD Author.

    There is a much easier option than all this - you can buy a HD recorder and directly burn the content into DVD. I believe that HD recorders are available from Sony, LG and Samsung.

    I have converted many home videos into DVD using TMPGEnc and TMPG DVD Author.
  3. dishtvdishtv

    dishtvdishtv New Member

    The just4kix is talking some thing scary.
    Use pinnacle PCTV card. you can record in mpeg. you can directly burn. no software nothing. just your nero OEM is sufficient. it is around Rs. 2000/- it is stereo audio. years ago. excellent card. using for more than 4 years and enjoying it. pixelview card is around rs.1000,it is costly for the future.
  4. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I know all about Pinnacle and their products. Their quality sucks big time and hence my elaborate method. I consider myself to be an advanced user when it comes to video because I have done a lot of experiments.

    Go ahead with Pinnacle software encoder if you are OK with crappy MPEG2 video which looks more worse than VCD/MPEG1.
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