How to connect bsnl broadband in windows vista64bit laptop

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by myworld, May 1, 2009.

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    Hello All,

    Could anyone of you please share the steps behind configuring BSNL broadband in Windows Vista laptop and Windows XP Desktop. By last week i got new laptop from US, it suddenly got into some big crash. Still we dont know the reason behind that. First we tried Vista laptop with USB driver but i think unfortunately this will be the key for laptop crashing and then we restored but still most of the softwares are not working now. Now we are trying to connect the laptop through Ethernet cable. This also not working. Please guide me.

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. essbebe

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    Try a System Restore.

    1. for VISTA laptop
    (In XP Pro procedure:)
    Start/ All programs/Accessories/communications
    network wizards.
    Select one and program it.

    2. Start /network/ LAN properties
    check status repair etc.
    post error message.
    TCP/IP properties . select obtain IP address automatically.
    Post ipconfig /all data
    Start/ run type cmd type ipconfig /all
    ( XP pro)

    3. mention your modem model and make.

    4. do you use "dialer" "PPPOE" "bridged" wanminiport
    always on ppp/PPPoE
  3. myworld

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    for VISTA laptop

    Thanks for your immediate response!

    Actually I am using SMARTAXMT882 Hh uwaei modem.

    I tried USB installtion in Windows Vista laptop but it is not installing the usb driver setup itself.

    When I tried with Ethernet cable, I am unable to connect...

    Dont know what are the steps behind it....

    Please help me!

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  5. Jaganathsamal

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    May be your usb driver is not supported by 64-bit vista. Try using an ethernet cable with manual settings or download a new driver from the vendor's site.
  6. essbebe

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    Available : Smart AX MT 882 modem
    make LAP top work in LAN mode or USB mode.
    After above "recap"

    1. After the "crash" confirm you have set up the modem MT882
    with LAN port to the Desktop and can surf the Internet properly.
    2 IF OK.
    Change the RJ45 to laptop ethernet port and report
    error messages

    3. USB port with USB drivers for MT882 will work for Desktop with XP.

    (a).Do Not connect the modem to desktop.
    (b)..Insert the CD and download the USB driver for .........modem to say C:/MT882 USB drivers
    (c).......If not available download from link given in ............Post No 4 @ by @dhaneshv
    (d)....... Blank deleted.
    (e).........Then restart the system with the modem
    ...............connected to to the USB port of Desk top.
    ...............( remove the RJ45. cable )
    (f).............Let XP detect new Hardware and follow ....................procedure.
    (g).................Confirm all steps OK. for more ======>>>>

    (h)If connected to Internet report status.
    post ipconfig /all data for Desktop ( XP)
    START RUN type cmd type ipconfig /all

    (i) LAN port of modem can be used again for desktop to confirm Internet working OK.

    To be RESERVED for LAPTOP use .

    Para two :
    Better to confirm by number or sub ref say (a) (b)etc action taken and result there of.

    General comments do not help. You must answer the queries raised by members.


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