how to configure iball baton 150M wireless -N router for reliance broadnet connection

Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by avishek89_roy, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. avishek89_roy

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    previously had UTstar UT300R2 adsl modem, but for accessing wifi i brought I-BALL Baton 150M wireless -N router .
    now i put the RJ45 jack, came from UTStar modem into Baton router, and set the router for Dynamic Ip mode, its working perfectly, but when connect for first time to internet, it redirect to reliance webpage, & asked for username and password, which is very irritating, and its not allow me to connect another laptop to access internet.
    I tried to configure the router as PPPOE mode, and put my reliance username and password but it didnot connect at all.
    SO please help me out.
    Egarly waiting for any response.
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  3. m0rphis

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    Please check the following
  4. avishek89_roy

    avishek89_roy New Member

    okk.. i 'll try it tomorrow.. but looks like its created in 2008, there must be some webpage modification made in this time period, so thinking if this gonna work or not.
    It 'll better, if u suggest me how to configure the pppoe settings, or any other thing that i should do rather than using any script or application for solve my issue.
  5. avishek89_roy

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    didn't find any configuration settings in this link.
    my big issues is the login method.
    please suggest me to find a way, so that i didn't need to log in through reliance web portal. and could use 2, 3 laptop's from same wifi network.
  6. m0rphis

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    You dont seem to have gone through the thread may be 5years old...but you will find the answer to your issue if you properly check the thread out. IBALL routers are no different from any other brand...its just that the UI is different.
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    no pppoe, reliance is dhcp connection.

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