How to configure Digisol DG-BG4011N with BSNL broadband

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    Hi all, Can anyone please let me know how to configure Digisol wireless DG-BG4011N router for BSNL broadband 750 plan in window XP. I have tried the instructions provided in the user manual in I have also tried the instructions provided in Quick guide. But Iam unable to connect to the internet and LED status is in red color for internet.

    It would be great if the step by step instructions provided.

    Attached the links for quick guide and user manual.

    thanks & regards

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    I have tried my best but not sure where it went wrong.
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    Step 1:Check this blog.
    Confirm you get connected in ethernet mode.
    Usual routine settings for any ADSl modem.
    BSNL router Config | BSNL with Digisol (Dlink) router configuration | Tips for Technology

    Step 2:.

    Connected in PPPoE mode
    Enable DHCP give range 192.1168.1.3 to
    if you need to use other systems ( like laptop phone etc )

    Step 3. Wifi mode

    Try without any security key.
    confirm SSid appears in laptop.

    Connection status screen shot.
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