How to configure D Link router for YOU Broadband

Discussion in 'YOU broadband' started by Pradeep, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Pradeep

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    hello....I need help configuring the D Link router with YOU Broadband. I think I need to give the YOU username and password somewhere in the router configuration. I am not sure where.

    I called the customer care guys and they said that they wont help us for D Link router. :mad:
  2. essbebe

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    If you were supplied a cable modem and using it to log in,
    In dlink menu page
    "does your ISP need user name and Password? YES NO
    select NO.
    mention model/number.
    If you can access the cable modem settings
    confirm make/model/number.
    Change to "Always On PPP/PPPoE mode and enter ID/PW in wan page.
    Enable dhcp.
  3. Pradeep

    Pradeep New Member

    Got it...

    I got it. Thanks.

    I referred to page 15 of which is actually a manual for DLink router.

    open Internet Connection Setup Wizard
    Give details
    Select PPPoE option. Give your YOU broadband username and password. Nothing else. It worked like a charm. :p
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Thanks for feedback.
    How did you connect to "YOU" broadband earlier ?
    that YOU BB connection is a RJ45 cable direct to your
    computer or to wan port of Dlink wifi
    router model . WBR1310
    No modem supplied by YOU broadband
    and you have to log in to get connected.

    for forum use :
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