How to configure D-Link DSL-2640U for DataOne?

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  1. salman.alg

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    Dear Friends
    I have just bought D-Link DSL-2640U Wireless Router. I tried to set it up on my desktop but I am facing problems in configuring it. Will some kind soul help me in knowing the step-by-step procedure for its configuration?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Indranil

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    Follow the steps below

    To enable the auto-connect process, click on the box labeled DSL Auto-connect, a process that will automatically detect the first usable PVC and automatically detect PPPoE and PPPoA. It's better to uncheck this option. To continue, click on the Next button.


    Enter the VPI / VCI = 0/35. Then Click Next.


    Connection Type

    Following is the Connection Type screen where you select the type of network protocol and encapsulation mode over the ATM PVC. Select PPPOE.


    The following screen allows you to enter PPP username and password as well as make any selections regarding your connection. Donot check on the option Use Static IP address and Use the following default gateway.


    When finished, click on Next to proceed to the NAT Settings screen.
    Check on the enable NAT Enable WAN service


    Device Setup

    You can configure the DSL Router IP address and Subnet Mask for the LAN interface to correspond to your LAN’s IP Subnet. If you want the DHCP server to automatically assign IP addresses, then enable the DHCP server and enter the range of IP addresses that the DHCP server can assign to your computers. Disable the DHCP server if you would like to manually assign IP addresses. Click on Next to continue.



    The router’s wireless function can be enabled on the following screen. If the
    function is enabled, then continue by entering the SSID, the wireless network name. Click on Next to continue.


    Setup - Summary

    After all of the configurations are done, the WAN Setup Summary screen displays all WAN settings that you have made. Check that the settings are correct before clicking on the Save / Reboot button. Clicking on Save / Reboot will save your settings and restart your router.

  3. ksobier

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    Problem with router

    I need to set up ADSL modem
    D-Link DSL-2640U

    the problem is that I do it remotely (on the phone), I mean someone is on the other end of the line and doing setup for me. The other problem is that I never worked with this type of modem. There is print from diagnostic of router. Could you tell me which Fail is important, or it you can give me solution.
    Many thanks.

    *pppoe_0_8_35_1 Diagnostics*

    Your modem is capable of testing your DSL connection. The individual
    tests are listed below. If a test displays a fail status, click "Rerun
    Diagnostic Tests" at the bottom of this page to make sure the fail
    status is consistent. If the test continues to fail, click "Help" and
    follow the troubleshooting procedures.

    *Test the connection to your local network*
    Test your ENET(1-4) Connection: *PASS *
    Test your Wireless Connection: *PASS*

    *Test the connection to your DSL service provider*
    Test ADSL Synchronization: *PASS*
    Test ATM OAM F5 segment ping: *F4/F5 FAIL*
    Test ATM OAM F5 end-to-end ping: *F4/F5 FAIL*

    *Test the connection to your Internet service provider*
    Test PPP server connection: *FAIL*
    Test authentication with ISP: *PASS*
    Test the assigned IP address: *FAIL*
    Ping default gateway: *FAIL*
    Ping primary Domain Name Server: *PASS*
  4. essbebe

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    Please see post No 2 . by @indranil here and follow instructions.
    see the screen shots. VPI/VCI for BSNL ) 0 and 35
    In wan page enter your user id ( without @ ) & PW

    Save Reboot . Wait for two minutes. Wireless later.
    Try Broadband connection again.

    Also still problem
    in computer
    In window type cmd
    New window
    Type ipconfig /all

    Copy/paste the data here.

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