How to configure Beetel 450TC1 ADSL2+Router with Tata Wimax

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    I am using a Tata Wimax internet connection. They provided a Telenet box with 3 ports. 1 for power to the telenet box, 1 for Data in and 1 for Data out & power. Data in and Data out are RJ45 ports. Currently the setup is Data in is connected to the computer's Ethernet port, Data out & power goes to the Wimax attena. I used to authenticate in the Tataindicom home page to access internet.

    I have a laptop and trying to do a Wireless LAN configuration to share internet. The Beetel 450TC1 box has 4 LAN ports, 1 port for LINE in at the rear side. I have connected the Data in of telenet box to LAN1; connected another CAT 5e cable to LAN2, which goes to Ethernet port of the Desktop. The Power, DSL, LAN1 and WLAN lights glow in the router box and my laptop is connected to the WLAN. The problem is "No internet Access". The system tray of the laptop shows Connected to my network but no internet access. Please help me in configuring the same.

    Note: My Desktop is running Windows XP whereas my laptop is on Windows 7 SP1
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