How to Check TATA DOCOMO 3g Postpaid Data Usage?

Discussion in 'Tata 3G' started by atul88, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. atul88

    atul88 New Member

    i want to check how much data i have used but the *111# not working...neither *141#
    another thing i want to ask is incoming-outgoing not working on tata docomo 3g postpaid card...So is it always like that...that the card they provided with Postpaid is only for Internet Usage?
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  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Hm... i guess no.. i called with that number provided.. works with my samsung L700, but primarily i use it as for emergency internet only (for faster speeds otherwise my doco 2G)

    You should contact the customer care.. Docomo has chat service for customers.. just click in and give your details..

    its a net-call sim... why will they provide a sim card only for internet only, sacrificing on revenue.. obviously, no! :)
  3. well it depends... i have seen many people saying that they cant use estick sim as normal sim
  4. mickey

    mickey New Member

    just checked now *111# not working on my prepaid sim as well..:(
  5. now use *111*1# for gprs balance and *111*2# for more balance details.
  6. mickey

    mickey New Member

    thanks Mick...:)
  7. atul88

    atul88 New Member

    *111*1# or *111*2# also not working...See the screenshot...
    or is it happening just because i am using Mobile partner instead of Tata Docomo 3g Software???

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  8. can't say.....
    i use MDMA for my huawei modem
  9. vinnan007

    vinnan007 New Member

    checking 3g usage tata docomo prepaid

    hey guys, i tried sending "BAL" to 121, and i got the correct usage details.. :)
  10. atul88

    atul88 New Member

    Thnk u all guys for your affort..
    But i already deactivated docomo 3g postpaid..:D:D;);)
  11. kamat

    kamat New Member

    *111*1# works in MH
  12. raj009

    raj009 New Member

    Tata docomo 3g datacard


    1. Docomo 3G data card generally coming with voice deactivated SIM.
    2. There is no procedure as if now to check the balance or usage of data. But if some technique is working for you do share and others can try. If it works for us we are lucky.
    3. If your dialer software is designed to receive and send SMS ( like Idea netsetter software) during the usage when it reaches half of your limited usage U will get an SMS saying that you have reached 50% usage. For this U need to use Idea NetSetter software for dialing Docomo 3G. I used to get SMS when I reach 5GB of usage my connection is 10GB peak and after that limited speed.
    4. You can send SMS from the SIM but it is charged as per tariff plan (50 paise for local and 1 Rs. for National,etc).

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