How To Check Signal Strength Of Service Provider?

As I have mentioned in another thread that I wish to purchase a new internet connection, and I am thinking of getting an MTS connection. As I have never used MTS services before neither do I know of anyone using MTS how can I be assured that there would be decent signal strength for the new connection? Like Airtel 4G does demos, do other service providers do demos for 3G connections?
I doubt it very much that service providers give demos for 3G connections, but its worth a try. Give customer service a call and ask them or even ask the local shop where you would purchase the connection from if they would provide a demo.
Like Ishaan the chance of ISP's providing a demo may be low, but its aworth calling the customer service of the ISP to find out if they do provide demos for their services.
Apart from the options mentioned already you can ask someone who has a MTS connection and try it at your home to know what the signal is like.