How to check remaining balance on 3g datacard and how to recharge it

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by mahesh_deo, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. mahesh_deo

    mahesh_deo New Member

    Hi All,

    I want to know how to see the remaining balance on 3g datacard and how to recharge it.
  2. shebin222

    shebin222 New Member

    i think,currently there is no way to know the data balance.
    but whenever you disconnect the usb data card,it shows the total usage and balance usage
  3. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    Use a bandwidth meter like Shaplus or Networx. Will give you a rough idea.
  4. sureshraj_mali

    sureshraj_mali New Member

    You can check the data balance by dailing the USSD as *123*6#

    If you don't have the option in data card... plug the SIM into your phone and dial *123*6# for data balance.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Warrior

    Warrior Member

    hi, *234# .....i am using bsnl 3g in ap.......i check remaining mb by *234#
  6. ulysses

    ulysses Member

    How to check balance in BSNL ?

    Since my BSNL sim is in 3g phone,I tried *123*6# and *234# (some body in AP said ) ,it says USSD error code! People who have chennai 3g sim any ideas?
    By the way any one successfully got their details eiether from 1800-Tel support or staff at CSC ? For example :-
    a/c status,
    type of data plan implemented,
    data plan expiry,
    data consumed if it is not a un limited plan,
    unlimited data plan start date and end date if you give a transaction ref (re charge voucher confirmation sms code).

    I have a feeling people manning 1-800 cus support can not check any details about your a/c- just oral consolation !( ie if you get through!)
    I even doubt Customer serv at CSC can check in to the computer and can tell your a/c info (if you identify with your ID)
    I tried few times to confirm that Iam on Rc 4200 (6 months un limited Internet plan ) after paying cash Rs 4200 at CSC.
    Everybody in BSNL have some different story to tell !
    It is working good for the last 10 days.Iam scared to call them and dreading a sms from BSNL computer -" your Rs 4200 is balance-re charge now!!:D
    It is a miracle they are even able to calculate your usage and send a bill /debit your pre paid balance.
    Yes-We do have other options !!-sleazy /false advtg private companies who charge 3 times BSNL 's tariff. So I have become fond of BSNL's ways and always smile when I go to CSC.
  7. ib123

    ib123 New Member

    Use the Mobile Data Monitoring Application and send the USSD command *123# from it to check the balance when you are using data card.No need to put the sim in phone and check.

    Download it from
  8. venkatjv

    venkatjv New Member

    in data card dial *123# and you will get sms abt your data information
  9. saranjeet

    saranjeet New Member

    I want to know how to see the remaining balance on 3g datacard and how to recharge it.[/QUOTE]
  10. sharang_3

    sharang_3 Guest


    you can always recharge it on site

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